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left fieldThe part of a baseball field which is beyond the infield and to your left if you stand on home plate and face the pitcher.Rate it:
left, right and centerAll over the place; indiscriminately; frequently or excessively.Rate it:
left-handed complimentA complimentary remark which is ambiguous or ineptly worded, so that it may be interpreted as having an unflattering or dismissive sense.Rate it:
leg manAlternative spelling of legman.Rate it:
leg manUsed other than as an idiom: see leg, man.Rate it:
leg pullTo jokeRate it:
legal beagleA skillful and adroit attorney.Rate it:
legal dutyA duty prescribed by the law, to act or forbear from acting.Rate it:
legal dutyI've done my legal duty.Rate it:
legal eagleA skillful and adroit attorney.Rate it:
legally bindingUsed other than as an idiom: see legally, binding.Rate it:
legally bindingenforceable by lawRate it:
legend in one's own lunchtimeOne whose fame is insignificant or fleeting.Rate it:
legworkSkillful or vigorous use of the legs, as in dance or sports.Rate it:
legworkWork, especially research or preparation, that involves significant walking, travel, or similar effort.Rate it:
lemon dropboiled sweetRate it:
lemon lawA law dealing with defective items, especially automobiles, and consumers' rights.Rate it:
lemon solefishRate it:
lemonizeTo add lemon.Rate it:
lemonizeTo damage something and then deny or be aloof from the damage.Rate it:
lend a handTo help or assist, especially voluntarily.Rate it:
lend itself toto be suitable forRate it:
less is moreThat which is less complicated is often better understood and more appreciated than what is more complicated; simplicity is preferable to complexity; brevity in communication is more effective than verbosity.1855, Robert Browning, "Men and Women":Well, less is more, Lucrezia: I am judged.1954, "'Less Is More'," Time, 14 Jun.:The essence of Mies's architectural philosophy is in his famous and sometimes derided phrase, "Less is more." This means, he says, having "the greatest effect with the least means."2007, Gia Kourlas, "Dance Review: An Ordered World Defined With Soothing Spareness," New York Times, 3 Mar. (retrieved 22 Oct. 2008):The program, which features two premieresRate it:
lesser of two evilsThe more desirable of two bad alternatives.Rate it:
let a thousand flowers bloomDon't interfere with promising developments in their early stages.Rate it:
let alonenot to mentionRate it:
let aloneMuch less; to say nothing of.Rate it:
let aloneOr even.Rate it:
let bygones be bygonesTo ignore or disregard a past offense (when dealing with another individual).Rate it:
let downTo disappoint; to betray or fail somebody.Rate it:
let downlowerRate it:
let flyTo kick or hit a projectile with great force.Rate it:
let goTo no longer hold on.Rate it:
let goTo dismiss from employment.Rate it:
let goreleaseRate it:
let goreleaseRate it:
let go an anchor to the windward of the lawTo keep within the letter of the law.Rate it:
let go and let godTo consciously surrender one's free will to the will of God.Rate it:
let her hair downRelax and enjoyRate it:
let her ripTo set off or allow to begin.Rate it:
let inallow to enterRate it:
let in onTo tell someone a secret.Rate it:
let it all hang out!An expression of caring less. Withdrawing usual restraints relative to self control.Rate it:
let it all hang-out!Withhold nothing, spit out all of the unsavory details!Rate it:
let it beTo leave something to follow its natural course.Rate it:
let looseset freeRate it:
let nature take its courseTo permit events to proceed or a situation to develop without intervention or interference.Rate it:
let offTo cause to explode.Rate it:
let offTo forgive and not punish.Rate it:
let onTo reveal, disclose, or divulge.Rate it:

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