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last postmilitary bugle callRate it:
last resortThe only remaining, unwanted, option or choice.Rate it:
Last SupperThe Passover meal that Jesus ate with his disciples on the night before his death.Rate it:
Last SupperAn artistic representation of this event.Rate it:
last thinglate in the dayRate it:
last thing one needsSomething not wanted by someone, who is already burdened.Rate it:
last trumpForever.Rate it:
last trumpThe moment of God's final judgement on Earth.Rate it:
last wordA final decision, or the right to make such a decision.Rate it:
last wordThe final statement uttered by a person before death.Rate it:
last wordThe finest, highest, or ultimate representative of some class of objects.Rate it:
last-ditchFinal, as a last resort; done in desperation.Rate it:
latch ontoTo obtain, acquire or get and keep hold of something.Rate it:
latch-key childA child who returns home from school to an empty house and therefore must unlock/unlatch the exterior door with a key, especially a child of working or absent parent(s).Rate it:
late bloomerA person who lives a child's life comparatively later than their peers.Rate it:
late bloomerA person who reaches puberty comparatively later than their peers.Rate it:
late modelRecently designed or fabricated; new.Rate it:
latter daymodernRate it:
laugh a minuteA funny thing or person.Rate it:
laugh all the way to the bankTo be happy due to the receipt of money.Rate it:
laugh in one's sleeveTo laugh secretly or to oneself.Rate it:
laugh like a drainTo laugh with a loud, coarse soundRate it:
laugh like a hyenaTo laugh hystericallyRate it:
laugh one's head offTo laugh uproariouslyRate it:
laugh out of courtTo dismiss as silly something presented with genuine conviction or treated seriously.Rate it:
laugh up one's sleeveTo laugh secretly or to oneself.Rate it:
laughing gasnitrous oxideRate it:
laughing stockAn object of ridicule, someone who is publicly ridiculed; a butt of sport.Rate it:
laughing stockC. 1598, William Shakespeare, Merry Wives of Windsor, act 3, sc. 1.Rate it:
laughter is the best medicineIt is healthy to laugh.Rate it:
laundry listHence, a long list of items, especially an exhaustive one.Rate it:
laundry listOriginally, a list of articles of clothing that had been sent to be laundered.Rate it:
law LatinBarbarous Latin.Rate it:
law of the jungleThe survival of the fittest, strongest or most cunning.Rate it:
lawn sleevesUsed other than as an idiom: see lawn, sleeves.Rate it:
lawn sleevesThe sleeves of a bishop's ceremonial garments.Rate it:
lawn sleevesThe bishops of the Anglican or Roman Catholic churches.Rate it:
lay a finger onIf you lay a finger on my little brother, I'll have your guts for garters.Rate it:
lay a finger onTo merely touch.Rate it:
lay aboutTo strike blows in all directions.Rate it:
lay aboutTo set about, with infinitive or gerund.Rate it:
lay an eggTo produce a failure or flop; to do something which is unsuccessful.Rate it:
lay an eggTo produce an egg.Rate it:
lay an eggThe act or performance which is substandard in one's capability. An act or performance which is substandard or below the typical level of one's usual production or output: An act, production or presentation of a noxious, negative, repulsive, boorish nature:Rate it:
lay downTo give up, surrender, or yield , usually by placing it on the ground.Rate it:
lay downTo specify, institute, enact, assert firmly, state authoritatively, establish or formulate .Rate it:
lay downTo stock, store for the future. See also lay by.Rate it:
lay downTo sacrifice, especially in the phrase "to lay down one's life.".Rate it:
lay downTo lie down; to place oneself in a reclined or horizontal position, on a bed or similar, for the purpose of resting.Rate it:
lay down the lawTo authoritatively or dogmatically assert what is permitted or not permitted.Rate it:

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