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kit and kaboodleEverything; the lot.Rate it:
kitchen sinkUsed other than as an idiom: see kitchen, sink. A sink in a kitchen used for washing dishes and preparing food.Rate it:
kitchen sinkA miscellany or a miscellaneous item.Rate it:
kitchen table softwareEspecially in the early years of personal computers, a set of computer programs developed by an entrepreneurial advanced amateur or self-employed professional computer programmer in his or her own home; software developed by a small business using the services of such programmers.Rate it:
knacker's yardA place to send a person or object that is spent beyond all reasonable use.Rate it:
knacker's yardThat area of a slaughterhouse where carcasses unfit for human consumption are rendered down to produce useful materials such as glue.Rate it:
knackeredExhausted; very tiredRate it:
knee high to a grasshopperShort; especially relating to when the subject was a small child.Rate it:
knee slapperA joke, especially one which strikes the listener or reader as particularly humorous.Rate it:
knee-deep in the Big MuddyStuck in a predicament; mired in a difficult situation, especially one resulting from poor judgment or bad leadership.Rate it:
kneel beforeTo kneel in front of someone or something, especially in order to worship or supplicate.Rate it:
knife-edgeA piece of steel sharpened to an acute edge or angle, and resting on a smooth surface, serving as the axis of motion of a pendulum, scale beam, or other piece required to oscillate with the least possible friction.Rate it:
knife-edgeA precarious balance that could be upset by a very small force in either direction.Rate it:
knife-edgeUsed other than as an idiom: the edge of a knife.Rate it:
knight in shining armorA person who will rescue a dangerous situation; a hero.Rate it:
knit one's browsTo scowl, indicating anger, worry, or puzzlement.Rate it:
knit one's eyebrowsAlternative form of knit one's brows..Rate it:
knob-gobblerA homosexual maleRate it:
knock aboutAn informal game, usually football.Rate it:
knock AnthonySaid of an in-kneed person, or one whose knees knock together; to cuff Jonas.Rate it:
knock aroundTo spend time with someone as a friend.Rate it:
knock aroundTo do a relaxing activity.Rate it:
knock aroundTo be in an unknown place.Rate it:
knock aroundTo hit someone, or behave violently towards them.Rate it:
knock backTo drink an alcoholic beverage swiftly or often.Rate it:
knock downTo hit or knock (something), intentionally or accidentally, so that it falls.Rate it:
knock downTo demolish.Rate it:
knock downSold with a blow from the gavel.Rate it:
knock downTo reduce the price of.Rate it:
knock downTo drink fast.Rate it:
knock for a loopTo astonish; to surprise very much.Rate it:
knock it offStop doing something; desist.Rate it:
knock offAn imitation, especially one of poorer quality.Rate it:
knock on woodA self-directive to undertake the customary action to ward off bad luck.Rate it:
knock on woodTo take a customary action to ward off some misfortune that is believed to be attracted my a presumptuous statement.Rate it:
knock oneself outTo go ahead; to do as one pleasesRate it:
knock oneself outto grant permission for or to give endorsement of a suggestion or proposal, especially when the speaker is not interested in its outcome.Rate it:
knock outTo strike or bump someone or something out.Rate it:
knock outTo render someone unconscious, as by a blow to the head.Rate it:
knock outTo put someone to sleep.Rate it:
knock outTo exhaust a personal or animal.Rate it:
knock outTo complete, especially in haste; knock off.Rate it:
knock out of the boxTo cause a pitcher to be replaced by heavy hitting.Rate it:
knock out of the boxTo cause something to be replaced by something else.Rate it:
knock overTo bump or strike something in such a way as to tip it.Rate it:
knock overTo rob; to stage a heist.Rate it:
knock some sense into his headDepression Expression: During the Depression, there was little empathy for the unemployed. Pundits identified the loafer, the hobo, the bum, the specified lazy-boy, the uninspired, those lacking ambition as needing a wakeup Call.Rate it:
knock somebody's socks offTo impress greatly; amaze; stun.Rate it:
knock someone off his perchTo defeat or overcome someone who was in a dominant position.Rate it:
knock someone's block offTo strike a person in the head, causing him to fall to the ground, especially in an unconscious condition; to beat up a person.Rate it:

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