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kick off the teamIn sports, to dismiss an athlete from a team, usually for misconduct, poor academic performance or other offenses.Rate it:
kick one's heelsUsed other than as an idiom: see kick, heels.Rate it:
kick one's heelsTo wait; to wait impatiently or restlessly.Rate it:
kick oneselfTo reproach oneself for making a mistake or missing an opportunity.Rate it:
kick outTo stop, stall, or disconnect suddenly.Rate it:
kick some tiresTo shop for a vehicle or other item to purchase or invest in.Rate it:
kick someone when they are downTo make it worse for someone who is going through a difficult time.Rate it:
kick the bucketOf a machine, to break down such that it cannot be repaired.Rate it:
kick the bucketTo die.Rate it:
kick the can down the roadTo postpone a decision or action.Rate it:
kick the dustTo dieRate it:
kick the habitTo recover from or quit an addiction or habit. For example, to quit smoking, drinking, burping, or drug addiction.Rate it:
kick the tiresTo inspect something to ensure it meets expected standards or has favored characteristics, typically before committing to purchasing or otherwise selecting it.Rate it:
kick the tiresTo inspect a vehicle's tires by kicking them to check for defects or poor quality.Rate it:
kick the tyresAlternative form of kick the tires.Rate it:
kick to the curbto dismiss or reject in a humiliating manner.Rate it:
kick upInto the air while running or walking or driving.Rate it:
kick upTo function improperly.Rate it:
kick up a fussTo show annoyance, or to complain loudly about something, often when it is of little importance in reality.Rate it:
kick up one's heelsUsed other than as an idiom: see kick, up, one's, heels.Rate it:
kick up one's heelsTo dance.Rate it:
kick up one's heelsTo relax; to enjoy oneself; to do as one pleases.Rate it:
kick up the arseA severe reprimand, especially one to motivate someone into doing something.Rate it:
kick upstairsTo promote (an employee considered troublesome) to a position of lesser influence, but of apparently higher status.Rate it:
kick with the other footTo belong to a different religion.Rate it:
kicking and screamingWith extreme reluctance.Rate it:
kicking bootsAbility to kick well.Rate it:
kid aroundTo engage in playful fun.Rate it:
kid gloveUsed other than as an idiom: see kid, glove.Rate it:
kid gloveA metaphorical representation of careful handling.Rate it:
kidding asideUsed to attempt to make a serious point in a jocular conversation.Rate it:
kids will be kidsYou cannot expect children to act like adults.Rate it:
killTo put to death; to extinguish the life of.Rate it:
killTo invent a story that conveys the death of (a character).Rate it:
killTo render inoperative.Rate it:
killTo stop, cease, or render void; to terminate.Rate it:
killTo amaze, exceed, stun, or otherwise incapacitate.Rate it:
killTo produce feelings of dissatisfaction or revulsion in.Rate it:
killTo use up or to waste.Rate it:
killTo exert an overwhelming effect on.Rate it:
killTo overpower, overwhelm, or defeat.Rate it:
killTo force a company out of business.Rate it:
killTo produce intense pain.Rate it:
killTo punish severely.Rate it:
killTo strike a ball or similar object with such force and placement as to make a shot that is impossible to defend against, usually winning a point.Rate it:
killTo cause to assume the value zero.Rate it:
killTo disconnect (a user) forcibly from the network.Rate it:
killThe act of killing.Rate it:
killSpecifically, the death blow.Rate it:
killThe result of killing; that which has been killed.Rate it:

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