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keep upTo stay even or ahead.Rate it:
keep upTo ensure that one remains well-informed about something.Rate it:
keep up appearancesTo pretend to be all right or that everything is going well.Rate it:
keep up withTo manage to remain beside or just behind that is moving away from one.Rate it:
keep up withTo manage to follow .Rate it:
keep up with the jonesesTo do or buy things for status, show, or image rather than out of need, especially for the purpose of competing with friends or neighbors.Rate it:
keep watchTo guard; to watch over someone or something.Rate it:
keep your britches on!"Be Patient", "Keep Your Pants ON!", "Don't Get All Excited!"Rate it:
keep your eye on the ballRemain Focused, Determined, AlertRate it:
keep your feet on the groundmaintain a sense of composure, refuse to get all up in the air over any reversal.Rate it:
keep your friends close, and your enemies closerOne should be on their toes and alert of their surroundings if malicious people are around, to ensure such people can't wreak havoc in one's life.Rate it:
keep your hair onAn admonition to stay calm.Rate it:
keep your heads down!A military admonishment to infantrymen while crawling under barbed wire or across terrain toward the enemy.Rate it:
keep your shirt onAn admonition to be more patient or to calm down.Rate it:
kept upmaintainedRate it:
kernel of truthA core accuracy at the heart of a claim or narrative which also contains dubious or fictitious elements.Rate it:
kettle of fishA situation which is recognized as different from or as an alternative to some other situation, and which is not necessarily unfavorable.Rate it:
kettle of fishAn awkward situation; a predicament.Rate it:
key inenter dataRate it:
key offTo take as a controlling input datum.Rate it:
keys to the kingdomA resource, usually information or knowledge, the possession of which gives the possessor access to power.Rate it:
kick against the pricksTo kick back (of an animal etc.) against being goadedRate it:
kick against the pricksto struggle against one's fate. [from 14th c.]Rate it:
kick aroundTo abuse or mistreat; to bully.Rate it:
kick aroundTo wander loose; to float around; to hang around.Rate it:
kick assTo be very impressive.Rate it:
kick assTo beat someone at something.Rate it:
kick assTo beat someone in a fight.Rate it:
kick ass and take namesTo beat someone in a competition, fight, or other situation.Rate it:
kick at the canAn attempt or an opportunity.Rate it:
kick at the canTo make an attempt; to try.Rate it:
kick backTo relax.Rate it:
kick bollocks scrambleA free for all or panic situationRate it:
kick buttTo be impressive; to be decisively good or pleasant.Rate it:
kick buttThe words describe an action. The words can also describe a command for immediate physical action. Frequently used by military officers, sports team coaches and other leaders. Variations include street talk.Rate it:
kick downTo break or demolish something by physical bodily force.Rate it:
kick inTo kick or strike so as to cause the object struck to collapse or fall inwards.Rate it:
kick inTo start or connect suddenly.Rate it:
kick inTo contribute, especially to a collection of money.Rate it:
kick in the ballsa big setback or disappointmentRate it:
kick in the pantsa (forceful) reminder to start or get goingRate it:
kick in the teethA humiliating insult or instance of bad treatment, especially when one is expecting friendship or in need of support; a sudden and unexpected setback; a strong rebuff.Rate it:
kick into touchTo kick a ball over the touchline in a game of rugby to avoid pressure from the opponent team in a difficult situationRate it:
kick into touchTo evade an issue.Rate it:
kick itTo kick back.Rate it:
kick like a muleTo have a very strong physical effectRate it:
kick offTo make the first kick in a game or part of a game.Rate it:
kick offTo start; to launch.Rate it:
kick offTo shut down or turn_off suddenly.Rate it:
kick offTo force the weaning of a bovine cow's calf by restricting the calf's access to its mother's udders. Used figuratively or literally.Rate it:

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