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keep on truckinTo continue or persist, regardless of circumstances or setbacks; to keep trying or striving.Rate it:
keep on truckin'To continue or persist, regardless of circumstances or setbacks; to keep trying or striving.Rate it:
keep on truckingto persevereRate it:
keep one on one's toesTo keep one attentive, active, busy or alert.Rate it:
keep one's cards close to one's chestTo avoid revealing one's thoughts, circumstances, or plans.Rate it:
keep one's coolTo remain composed, calm, and even-tempered, especially in a provocative situation.Rate it:
keep one's eye on the ballMy ethos has always been to be very straight with people, tell it as it is. It doesn't often make people happy but I found that over a period of time it's better to be that way. So being straight, also being very focused on your objectives, keep your eye on the ball and not get deflected away from it.Rate it:
keep one's eye on the ballTo maintain one's concentration fixed on one important theme.Rate it:
keep one's eyes peeledTo watch closely; to look for.Rate it:
keep one's fingers crossedto hope for the best, to show supportRate it:
keep one's hair onTo stay calm; to be patient.Rate it:
keep one's headTo remain calm, reasonable, level-headed, especially in a situation likely to cause distress.Rate it:
keep one's head above waterTo survive or endure, especially in a situation in which one is struggling to avoid being overwhelmed by adverse financial circumstances.Rate it:
keep one's head downUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
keep one's head downTo avoid trouble or attention.Rate it:
keep one's lips sealedTo keep quiet; to keep a secret; to not tell.Rate it:
keep one's mouth shutTo keep a secret; to refrain from speaking indiscreetly or carelessly.Rate it:
keep one's nose cleanTo stay out of trouble, especially by avoiding unlawful behavior.Rate it:
keep one's options openTo not commit to a decision, to keep various options available.Rate it:
keep one's pecker upRemain cheerful; keep smiling.Rate it:
keep one's shirt onTo be more patient or to calm down.Rate it:
keep oneself to oneselfTo be introverted; to stay away from others.Rate it:
keep outTo refrain from entering a place or condition.Rate it:
keep outAfter being warned, he kept out.Rate it:
keep outTo restrain someone or something from entering a place or condition.Rate it:
keep outThe warning kept him out.Rate it:
keep out ofTo stay away from a place or condition.Rate it:
keep out ofTo restrain someone or something from entering a place or condition.Rate it:
keep paceTo run at the same speed as a pacesetterRate it:
keep paceTo progress at the same rate as another; to keep upRate it:
keep quietRemain silent.Rate it:
keep quietTo refrain from talking about something; to keep a secret.Rate it:
keep shtumDon't tell anyone; especially, keep silent about something that may be sensitive or secret.Rate it:
keep somebody in stitchesTo keep somebody laughing hard or amused.Rate it:
keep somebody postedTo inform or to keep somebody up to date.Rate it:
keep someone companyTo remain with or accompany someone, especially to make them feel more comfortable with a certain situation.Rate it:
keep someone in the darkTo deliberately not tell someone details about somethingRate it:
keep someone in the loopTo furnish someone with sufficient relevant information and include them in the decision-making process.Rate it:
keep someone on a leashSetting unreasonable time constraints, requiring excessive reporting of actions, projecting an expanded and ridiculously contrived schedule of tasks.Rate it:
keep someone on iceto keep someone uninformed or uncontactedRate it:
keep someone postedTo inform (someone) regularly of the latest developments.Rate it:
keep straightTo avoid confusing or mixing up something; to keep something clear or organized.Rate it:
keep tabs onTo monitor; to keep track of; to watch.Rate it:
keep the home fires burningTo maintain daily routine and provide the necessities of life in a home or community.Rate it:
keep the peaceTo maintain order in a volatile situation.Rate it:
keep the wolf from the doorTo delay sexual ejaculation.Rate it:
keep the wolf from the doorTo ward off poverty or hunger.Rate it:
keep to oneselfTo purposely avoid interaction with others.Rate it:
keep to oneselfTo refrain from telling or otherwise expressing.Rate it:
keep upTo maintain; to preserve; to prevent from deteriorating.Rate it:

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