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kangaroo courtA judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding, or a group which conducts such proceedings, which is without proper authority, abusive, or otherwise unjust.Rate it:
kangaroo pissUsed other than as an idiom: see kangaroo, piss.Rate it:
kangaroo pissBeer, especially of inferior quality.Rate it:
keel overOf a vessel: to roll so far on its side that it cannot recover; to capsize.Rate it:
keel overTo collapse in a faint; to black out; to die.Rate it:
keen as mustardTo be very keen, enthusiastic, eager.Rate it:
keep a close watch onTo pay careful attention to a situation or a thing, so that you can deal with any changes or problems.Rate it:
keep a cool headto keep one's cool; to stay calmRate it:
keep a lid onTo keep something secret.Rate it:
keep a low profileBe quiet and discreet.Rate it:
keep a watchful eye!Expect someone or something or anything:Rate it:
keep a weather eye openTo be alert; to concentrate on a matter in hand.Rate it:
keep a weather eye openTo maintain a background awareness of something; to remain alert to changes without it occupying your full attention.Rate it:
keep an eye onTo watch and pay attention to.Rate it:
keep an eye openTo maintain vigilance for a possibly dangerous situation.Rate it:
keep an eye openTo maintain vigilance for someone or something.Rate it:
keep an eye outTo watch for, look for, or search for.Rate it:
keep an eye peeledTo look out attentively.Rate it:
keep atTo persist in.Rate it:
keep atpreserve withRate it:
keep at arm's lengthStay at a distance, away from one's body.Rate it:
keep at arm's lengthAvoid a close relationship.Rate it:
keep away fromTo avoid.Rate it:
keep away fromTo evade.Rate it:
keep away fromTo deny access to.Rate it:
keep buggin onNever quit; go onRate it:
keep companyTo court.Rate it:
keep companyTo socialise.Rate it:
keep downTo repress.Rate it:
keep downTo restrain or control.Rate it:
keep downTo cause not to increase or rise.Rate it:
keep downNot to vomit.Rate it:
keep downTo lie low. To stay concealed by not standing up.Rate it:
keep fromTo prevent or restrain ; refrain or cause refrain.Rate it:
keep fromTo protect or preserve from.Rate it:
keep houseTo take care of domestic chores; work as a housekeeper.Rate it:
keep houseTo seclude oneself in one's house in order to evade the demands of creditors.Rate it:
keep inUsed other than as an idiom: see keep, in.Rate it:
keep inTo require a pupil to stay after school as a punishment.Rate it:
keep into stay blazing (of a fire)Rate it:
keep inTo cause (a fire) to stay blazingRate it:
keep it between the ditchesTo stay out of trouble or follow a righteous (God-fearing) path.Rate it:
keep it downTo be quiet.Rate it:
keep it realIn the imperative, an exhortation used as a departing salutation.Rate it:
keep it realTo be authentic, true to oneself; to be cool.Rate it:
keep it upTo maintain one's erection.Rate it:
keep it upTo maintain or continue a positive streak.Rate it:
keep mumDo not talk; especially keep silent about something that may be sensitive or secret.Rate it:
keep onPersist or continue.Rate it:
keep onTo remain in an existing position.Rate it:

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