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jump onTo attack someone verbally, or criticise them over strongly for small errors.Rate it:
jump on the bandwagonTo profit from a craze; to join a trend.Rate it:
jump ropeA single jump in this game or activity, counted as a measure of achievement.Rate it:
jump ropeThe activity, game or exercise in which a person must jump, bounce or skip repeatedly while a length of rope is swung over and under, both ends held in the hands of the jumper, or alternately, held by two other participants. Often used for athletic training and among schoolchildren. Variations involve speed, chants, varied rope and jumper movement patterns, multiple jumpers and/or multiple ropes.Rate it:
jump ropeThe length of rope, sometimes with handles, casing or other additions, used in that activity.Rate it:
jump shipTo depart a project without warning.Rate it:
jump shipTo part from a ship.Rate it:
jump someone's bonesTo have sex.Rate it:
jump the fenceTo change from first approach, approach from a different direction, suggest a completely foreign idea.Rate it:
jump the gunTo act or begin too soon or without due caution.Rate it:
jump the gunTo begin a race too soon, before the starting gun goes off.Rate it:
jump the gunTo trade securities based on information that is not yet public; to trade on inside information.Rate it:
jump the gun!Take Premature Action:, Begin to run before the report of the starter's gun! Illegal actions:Rate it:
jump the queueTo desire preferential treatment, undue influence; impatient.Rate it:
jump the queueTo move into a queue ahead of others who have been waiting longer or that have a higher priority; push in.Rate it:
jump the sharkTo undergo a storyline development which is so ridiculous that previous quality is considered to have been lost.Rate it:
jump through hoopsTo put forth effort for the sake of appearance or demonstration.Rate it:
jump to conclusionsMake conclusions before being presented with all the evidence.Rate it:
jump to my tunejump to my tune', means 'Go Along With Another's Ideas, Program, Schedule, Agenda, 'Cooperate Fully With My Methodology, My Way Of Doing Things:Rate it:
jump upTo move from one position to a higher position by one jump.Rate it:
jumped-upDescribes a person who thinks he is superior in some way that the speaker disagrees with. For instance, of a higher class, or has more authority than they have in reality.Rate it:
jumped-upWe're doomed if this wee jumped-up monkey gets Gordon Smith's blessing.Rate it:
jungle telegraphA gossip network; an informal communication system within a group or organization.Rate it:
jungle telegraphA system used by primitive cultures in remote tropical regions for communication over long distances, such as drum sounds or a relay of runners.Rate it:
junk-cicanA person of any race, color, or nationality who drives a big truck and buys stuff to resell for profit in flea markets and other venues.Rate it:
junkyard dogAn aggressive dog which guards a scrapyard or junkyard.Rate it:
junkyard dogAn animal or person with an especially nasty and combative demeanor.Rate it:
junkyard dogA hot dog laden with toppings, such as onions, pineapples, or chiliRate it:
jury is outAn outcome or decision is still unknown and awaited.Rate it:
just a minuteOnly one minute; a passage of time 60 seconds in duration.Rate it:
just a minuteA short period of time, typically anywhere from several seconds to several minutes or more.Rate it:
just a minuteStop; wait. Used to indicate that the speaker wishes the previous speaker or the proceedings to stop so that he or she can comment on what has been said or has happened so far.Rate it:
just a secondOnly one second; a passage of time one-sixtieth of a minute in duration.Rate it:
just a secondA short period of time, typically anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes or more.Rate it:
just a secondStop; wait. Used to indicate that the speaker wishes the previous speaker or the proceedings to stop so that he or she can comment on what has been said or has happened so far.Rate it:
just aboutAlmost.Rate it:
just another pretty faceSomeone who is attractive, but not too distinguished.Rate it:
just desertsA punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved.Rate it:
just folksOrdinary, unpretentious people; an ordinary, unpretentious person.Rate it:
just folksUnpretentious, informal, down-to-earth.Rate it:
just for funFor no particular reason, just because it is fun, entertaining; for to relieve boredom.Rate it:
just get on with [ it ]Exhortation discontinue activities seen to hinder optimum progress toward a desired outcome; proceed without further stalling, debate, frivolity, or ritual.Rate it:
just in caseIf and only if.Rate it:
just in caseIn the event; should there be a need.Rate it:
just like thatIn that manner.Rate it:
just like thatUnexpectedly, without warning.Rate it:
just sayingUsed after informing somebody of something that may be offensive to try and soften the blowRate it:
just the sameAnyway; despite.Rate it:
just what the doctor orderedExactly what is necessary or useful in a given situation.Rate it:
just you wait and see!Wait calmly and the results shall appear and surprise YOU"Rate it:

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