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jack aroundto misbehave, fool aroundRate it:
jack aroundto dawdle, to waste timeRate it:
jack inTo stop doing a regular activity. Often a job or studies.Rate it:
jack inTo insert an electronic coupling into a receptacle; to connect to something, whether involving a physical medium or not.Rate it:
jack it inAn imperative to stop doing something that the speaker finds annoying.Rate it:
jack o'lanternwill o' the wisp, a strange light that attracts travellersRate it:
jack o'lanternA vegetable, usually a pumpkin, but alternatively a turnip, carved into the form of a face and lighted within by a candle. Associated chiefly with the holiday Halloween.Rate it:
jack of all tradesOne competent in many endeavors, especially one who excels in none of them.Rate it:
jack of all trades, master of noneA master of integration, who knows enough from many learned trades and skills to be able to bring their disciplines together in a practical manner; a polymath; a renaissance man.Rate it:
jack of all trades, master of noneA person who has a competent grasp of many skills but who is not outstanding in any one.Rate it:
jack of all trades, master of none!An individual capable of repairing, correcting, restoring many deficiencies, however is incapable of rendering a high level of expertness in these instances.Rate it:
jack offAn annoying person or one who has committed a transgression with no or insufficient apology; a jerk, an asshole.Rate it:
jack offTo masturbate.Rate it:
jack offTo manually stimulate someone sexually, generally a male.Rate it:
Jack TarAlternative spelling of jacktar.Rate it:
jack upTo raise, hoist, or lift a thing using a jack, or similar means.Rate it:
jack upTo raise, increase, or accelerate; often said of prices, fees, or rates. See also jack up the price.Rate it:
jack upTo ruin; wreck; mess up; screw up; sometimes as a bowdlerized substitution for f** up.Rate it:
jack-tarAlternative spelling of jacktar.Rate it:
jacked upnon-functioning, brokenRate it:
jacktarNickname for a sailor in the Royal Navy.Rate it:
jam sandwichUsed other than as an idiom: see jam, sandwich.Rate it:
jam sandwich(from the common UK colour scheme of white with a red reflective horizontal band) A police car.Rate it:
jam tomorrowPromised benefits that never arrive.Rate it:
Jane DoeFemale equivalent of John Doe.Rate it:
Jane RoeFemale equivalent of John Doe.Rate it:
jaw awayto jabber; to gabble; to rambleRate it:
jerk aroundto cheat or treat unfairlyRate it:
jerk aroundTo act foolishlyRate it:
jerk offUsed other than as an idiom: see jerk, off.Rate it:
jerk offTo masturbate, usually a male.Rate it:
jerk offTo do nothing; to waste time.Rate it:
jerk offTo deceive.Rate it:
jerk offan annoying person.Rate it:
jerk-offSomeone who behaves rudely or inappropriately, or is ignorant of certain social norms, usually a male.Rate it:
jerk-offSomeone who masturbates, usually a male.Rate it:
jerkoffA mean, nasty or obnoxious person.Rate it:
jerkoffOne who masturbates.Rate it:
Jesus, Mary and JosephUsed to add emphasis, particularly by Catholics.Rate it:
jet setA set of wealthy people who travel for pleasure.Rate it:
jet settingThe actions of the jet set; travelling from one fashionable location to another by jet.Rate it:
jet-setterA member of the jet set, a rich person who travels for pleasure.Rate it:
jet-settingThe actions of the jet set; travelling from one fashionable location to another by jet.Rate it:
jew downTo bargain or haggle with a seller in order to obtain a lower price for a good or service.Rate it:
jill of all tradesA woman competent in many endeavors, especially one who excels in none of them.Rate it:
jive turkeySomeone who is jiving, as in behaving in a glib and disingenuous fashion.Rate it:
jive turkeySomeone who is jiving, as in dancing. Often applied to people being funny or showy.Rate it:
jockey clubhorseracing governing bodyRate it:
Joe AverageA hypothetical average or generic individual; the common man (or person, by extension).Rate it:
joe jobAn act of e-mail spamming where the sender's identity and address are those of an innocent third party, intended either to tarnish that person's reputation or to flood that person's e-mail with bounces.Rate it:

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