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in the zoneIn a mental state of focused concentration on the performance of an activity, in which one dissociates oneself from distracting or irrelevant aspects of one's environment.Rate it:
in this day and ageIn the current time period of years.Rate it:
in thunderationIn any set of circumstances whatsoever.Rate it:
in too deepIn a situation where one can't cope.Rate it:
in touchIn contact, or in communication.Rate it:
in touchThe ball, or a player, is in touch when it, or he, is outside the playing area or touching the touchlines of the playing area.Rate it:
in two mindsundecidedRate it:
in two shakesVery quickly; without delay.Rate it:
in unity there is strengthMore can be accomplished by a team with a common goal, than individuals.Rate it:
in uteroMeaning "in the womb"Rate it:
in vain19C, Friedrich Nietzsche.Rate it:
in vainIn a disrespectful manner, especially when concerning religion.Rate it:
in vainWithout success; ending in failure.Rate it:
in view ofConsidering.Rate it:
in vino veritasdrunken folks speak truth, one tells the truth under the influence of alcoholRate it:
in virtue ofBy virtue of.Rate it:
in with a chanceHaving a chance.Rate it:
in your bloodingrained in or fundamental to your character, as if inheritedRate it:
in your dreamsUsed to express the speaker's skepticism about another's preceding statement about a desired or assumed state of affairs.Rate it:
in your faceAn exclamation of derision or contempt.Rate it:
inch-perfectperfectly measured.Rate it:
indexa list of information and page numbers, where you can find the relevant informationRate it:
index fingerdigitRate it:
Indian signA curse causing loss of will power or persistent bad luck.Rate it:
ink slingerwriter, especially writer of low-quality writing.Rate it:
ink slingertattooistRate it:
inner circleThe closest of friends of a person.Rate it:
inner coreUsed other than as an idiom: see inner, core.Rate it:
inner coreThe solid material found in the centre of some planets at extremely high temperature and pressure, distinct from the liquid outer core.(geology) The innermost part of the Earth, believed to be made of a nickel-iron alloy.Rate it:
inner coreThe innermost part of the Earth, believed to be made of a nickel-iron alloy.Rate it:
inner coreThe innermost part of the Earth, believed to be made of a nickel-iron alloy.Rate it:
inner strengthIntegrity of character; resoluteness of will; mental resistance to doubt or discouragement.Rate it:
innocent as the babe unbornEntirely innocent.Rate it:
inquire afterTo ask about the health of someone.Rate it:
inquire ofTo ask someone.Rate it:
ins and outsThe details or fine points of something.Rate it:
inside baseballMatters of interest only to insiders.Rate it:
inside baseballTechnical matters concerning baseball not apparent to spectators.Rate it:
inside jobA crime or other illicit action committed by or with the help of someone either employed by the victim or entrusted with access to the victim's affairs and premises.Rate it:
inside jokeA joke that is understood or meant to be understood only by certain people who are in the know about the details.Rate it:
inside trackAny advantage.Rate it:
inside trackThe lane or track nearest to the interior.Rate it:
installed baseThe number of units of a system or product that are currently in use.Rate it:
instance inTo cite an instance; to adduce an example.Rate it:
InternetsThe internetRate it:
Internetsgenitive of InternetRate it:
into detailThoroughly; including every detail.Rate it:
into thin airImmediately and inexplicably out of sight.Rate it:
irish setterbreed of dogRate it:
iron curtainA barrier made of iron in the theatre, lowered between the stage and the auditorium for safety or to prevent communication.Rate it:

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