Found 411 phrases starting with I:

in the limelightIn the focus of attention, especially from the media.Rate it:
in the long runAfter a very long time; eventually; over a long period of time; more generally.Rate it:
in the long termAfter a very long time; eventually; over a long period of time; more generally.Rate it:
in the loopInformed; up to date; current; part of the discussion.Rate it:
in the makingIn development; in the process of being made.Rate it:
in the moneyPossessing money; rich.Rate it:
in the moneyFor an option, having a strike price which makes it profitable to exercise. For a call this is a strike below the market price, or for a put a strike above the market price.Rate it:
in the nick of timeAt the last possible moment; at the last minute.Rate it:
in the nipNude.Rate it:
in the nipWhile nude.Rate it:
in the offingNearby, soon to come, in the near future.Rate it:
in the pinkIn very good health.Rate it:
in the pinkNude, naked.Rate it:
in the postOn the way; soon to arrive.Rate it:
in the rawIn the natural state; in real life.Rate it:
in the rawNaked.Rate it:
in the redHaving net losses; in debt.Rate it:
in the reign of queen dickWhen pigs fly; never.Rate it:
in the right place at the right timeAt a location where something good is about to happen at just the time of its occurrence; lucky; fortunate; able to obtain a benefit due to circumstances, rather than due to merit.Rate it:
in the runningOf a candidate, potential or likely; worthy of consideration.Rate it:
in the same boatIn the same situation or predicament; having the same problems.Rate it:
in the same breathSaid or done almost simultaneously, in one sequence.Rate it:
in the short runLasting only a short time, shortsightedly.Rate it:
in the soupin difficultyRate it:
in the sticksA long distance away from anywhere of importance.Rate it:
in the sunExposed to sunlight.Rate it:
in the swimActively participating in the flow of events; very involved.Rate it:
in the thick ofIn the middle of (something difficult).Rate it:
in the thick of itIn a precarious situation.Rate it:
in the toiletFinished; to an end.Rate it:
in the trouser departmentrelating to a man's penis.Rate it:
in the twinkling of an eyeCirca 1598, William Shakespeare, "The Merchant Of Venice".Rate it:
in the twinkling of an eyeImmediately; instantaneously.Rate it:
in the wake ofAs a result of.Rate it:
in the wake ofFollowing.Rate it:
in the wake ofIn the noticeable disturbance of water behind .Rate it:
in the wayObstructing, blocking, or hindering.Rate it:
in the way ofIn relation to; in connection with; with respect to.Rate it:
in the way ofIn or into a position of being likely to obtain, to attain, or to achieve.Rate it:
in the way ofSimilar to; as an instance of; as a kind of.Rate it:
in the weedsImmersed or entangled in details or complexities.Rate it:
in the weedsOverwhelmed with diners' orders.Rate it:
in the windImpending or in the offing; imminent.Rate it:
in the wink of an eyeinstantaneously, extremely quicklyRate it:
in the woodsIn critical condition; near death's door.Rate it:
in the worksBeing planned or worked upon.Rate it:
in the worksIn a mechanism or machine.Rate it:
in the worldExpletive used for emphasis, for example after an interrogative word.Rate it:
in the wrong place at the wrong timeDescribing actions or activities that the speaker considers inappropriate, misdirected, or unlikely to yield good results.Rate it:
in the wrong place at the wrong timeAt a location where something bad is about to happen at just the time of its occurrence.Rate it:

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