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in shortbrieflyRate it:
in silicoalluding to the mass use of silicon for semiconductor computer chips, is an expression used to mean "performed on computer or via computer simulation."Rate it:
in so far asWith respect to.Rate it:
in someone's shoesin someone's situation.Rate it:
in someone's wheelhouseMatching a person's interests or abilities well.Rate it:
in spadesBeyond doubt.Rate it:
in spadesTo excess, a lot, considerably; without restraint.Rate it:
in spite ofDespite, irrespective of, notwithstanding.Rate it:
in stitchesLaughing vigorously; very amused; aching due to convulsive laughter.Rate it:
in strideWithout disturbing one's course of activities.Rate it:
in strideWithout emotional upset.Rate it:
in tandemtogetherRate it:
in the actIn the process of doing something; used to emphasize the eye-witness evidence.Rate it:
in the altogetherNaked.Rate it:
in the bagCertain or extremely likely to occur; virtually assured of victory or success.Rate it:
in the bagIntoxicated.Rate it:
in the biblical senseUsed other than as an idiom: see biblical, sense.Rate it:
in the biblical senseCarnally; sexually.Rate it:
in the blackHaving positive net income; having greater income than expenses; making a profit.Rate it:
in the blink of an eyeAlternative form of in the wink of an eye.Rate it:
in the booksFinished; concluded; able to be regarded as a matter of record.Rate it:
in the buffNude.Rate it:
in the cardsDestined or fated to happen; predicted or foreseen.Rate it:
in the clearNot guilty or not suspected of wrongdoing.Rate it:
in the crosshairsTargeted at the point of intersection of the two perpendicular lines in a gunsight or scope.Rate it:
in the crosshairsSingled out for blame, harassment, or other unwanted attention.Rate it:
in the darkWithout information.Rate it:
in the darkWithout light; somewhere that is dark.Rate it:
in the dockUnder scrutiny; subject to critical inspection.Rate it:
in the doghouseIn trouble; the subject of somebody's anger or disapproval.Rate it:
in the doghouseUnmarried and unlikely to marry.Rate it:
in the drinkIn or into a body of water.Rate it:
in the drinkUnder the influence of an intoxicating beverage.Rate it:
in the driver's seatHaving the most important role in a storyline or recognition. Of primary importance.Rate it:
in the face ofDespite, against, contrary to.Rate it:
in the face ofOn the face of.Rate it:
in the fast laneIn a lifestyle, employment position, or other set of circumstances where the rapid pace is exciting, frantic, or risky.Rate it:
in the final analysisAll things considered; when all is said and done; in conclusion, basically and fundamentally.Rate it:
in the first placeTo begin with; earlier; first; at the start.Rate it:
in the gamecompeting in a game, with a chance of winning.Rate it:
in the gameUsed other than as an idiom: in the game.Rate it:
in the here and nowIn present practice rather than in theory; with the priority of palpably and actually existing.Rate it:
in the holeHaving suffered net losses; in debt.Rate it:
in the hopperIn the process of being prepared or produced.Rate it:
in the hospitalAdmitted as a patient in a hospital.Rate it:
in the hot seatUnder pressure to perform; under scrutiny; at the center of attention.Rate it:
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is kingAmong others with a disadvantage or disability, the one with the mildest disadvantage or disability is regarded as the greatest.Even someone without much talent or ability is considered special by those with no talent or ability at all.Rate it:
in the leadin first position in a competitionRate it:
in the leastat all, in any wayRate it:
in the light ofIn the illumination from.Rate it:

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