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in full forcetotally; fully; completelyRate it:
in full gearProceeding fully, quickly, or completely; thoroughly begun and in progress.Rate it:
in full swingProceeding fully, quickly, or completely; thoroughly begun and in progress.Rate it:
in funas a joke; not seriousRate it:
in handunder controlRate it:
in heaven's nameAn intensifier used with questions.Rate it:
in high dudgeonResentfully or furiously.Rate it:
in hot waterIn trouble; in the position of arousing somebody's anger or displeasure.Rate it:
in its infancyStill in an early stage.Rate it:
in jestAs a joke.Rate it:
in kindIn the form of goods and service rather than money.Rate it:
in lawrelations by marriageRate it:
in layman's termsExplaining something in simple words.Rate it:
in laymen's termsIn layman's terms.Rate it:
in light ofGiven, considering.Rate it:
in lineOn a queue; waiting one's turn for something.Rate it:
in linePositioned in a straight line.Rate it:
in lineSuitable or appropriate; keeping with expectations, norms, ideals, or rules.Rate it:
in lineTo assume a position in the future.Rate it:
in living memoryIn recent history, in recorded history amongst the lifespan of extant people; events or situations which can be remembered by people that are still aliveRate it:
in no timeVery soon.Rate it:
in no uncertain termsWith great clarity, emphasis, or exactness; without any ambiguity.Rate it:
in no way, shape, or formNot in any way at all; not at all, nohow.Rate it:
in onprivy toRate it:
in one hell of a hurryIn a very great hurry; very fast or hastily.Rate it:
in one's armourHaving the courage of drunkenness; pot-valiant.Rate it:
in one's bookIn one's opinion.Rate it:
in one's bookUsed other than as an idiom: see in, one's, book.Rate it:
in one's cupsDrunk.Rate it:
in one's dreamsUsed to express the speaker's belief that a preceding statement expressed a desired rather than an actual state of affairs.Rate it:
in one's elementIn a situation which is entirely appropriate or familiar.Rate it:
in one's faceOnto or into someone's face.Rate it:
in one's faceIn front of someone's face; before someone's eyes.Rate it:
in one's pocketSubject to one's whims because of bribery.Rate it:
in one's right mindSane, sensible, reasonable; thinking clearly.Rate it:
in one's stockinged feetWearing socks, stockings or other hosiery on one's feet but no shoes.Rate it:
in orderAppropriate, worthwhile.Rate it:
in orderComplete, finished.Rate it:
in orderIn a sequence.Rate it:
in orderIn accordance with the procedural rules governing formal meetings of a deliberative body.Rate it:
in orderReady, prepared; orderly; tidy.Rate it:
in other wordsStated or interpreted another way; introduces an explanation.Rate it:
in particularspeciallyRate it:
in personactually presentRate it:
in plain vieweasily seen, very visible.Rate it:
in process of timeIn the course of time; as time goes on; gradually; in due course.Rate it:
in shapeI guess I'd better get my room in shape if I have guests.Rate it:
in shapeI hope to get in shape for summer swimsuit season.Rate it:
in shapeIn a good state of physical fitness or bodily appearance.Rate it:
in shapeIn good condition, repair; in a good state.Rate it:

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