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hocus pocuschicaneryRate it:
hog heavenA state of contented bliss.Rate it:
hoist by one's own petardTo be hurt, or destroyed by one's own plot or device, of one's own doing which one intended for another; to be "blown up by one's own bomb".Rate it:
hoity toityhaughtyRate it:
hold a candleTo compare; to be even remotely of the same quality, skill, etc. as another.Rate it:
hold a grudgeFar longer than is reasonable.Rate it:
hold all the acesTo be in a strong position when one is competing with someone else, having all the advantages.Rate it:
hold backTo act with reserve; to contain one's full measure or power.Rate it:
hold backTo contain; stop.Rate it:
hold backTo delay, especially in school.Rate it:
hold courtTo preside in a formal manner over an official assembly of courtiers and others in which entertainment is presented or affairs of state are considered.Rate it:
hold courtTo convene or preside over a trial or other legal proceeding in a court of law.Rate it:
hold courtTo serve as the principal discussant or center of attention in an informal gathering of friends, associates, etc.Rate it:
hold downTo restrain; to check.Rate it:
hold downTo continue, to hold and to manage well.Rate it:
hold forthTalk at great length; expatiate; harangue.Rate it:
hold forthTo extend or offer, propose.Rate it:
hold itUsed other than as an idiom: see hold, it.Rate it:
hold itWait a minute; stop.Rate it:
hold itTo wait to excrete when one needs to.Rate it:
hold offTo delay someone or something temporarily; to keep at bay.Rate it:
hold offTo delay commencing an action (until some specified time or event has passed).Rate it:
hold onWait a short while.Rate it:
hold onTo hold, grasp, or grip.Rate it:
hold onTo keep; to store something for someone.Rate it:
hold onmaintain a graspRate it:
hold one's breathTo inhale and then intentionally close the epiglottis so that one's breath is not exhaled.Rate it:
hold one's breathTo wait, as if breathlessly.Rate it:
hold one's head highto act with pride; to be proud in a positive wayRate it:
hold one's horsesTo be patient; to wait.Rate it:
hold one's liquorTo be resistant to intoxication or to show few signs of intoxication, even after consuming a significant amount of alcohol.Rate it:
hold one's nerveTo stay calm facing nervousness.Rate it:
hold one's ownTo stand up to; to give a respectable performance; to provide worthy competition.Rate it:
hold one's peaceTo refrain from speaking; to be silent.Rate it:
hold one's tongueTo keep quiet; especially, to leave something unsaid.Rate it:
hold one's waterTo be patient; to control one's impulses.Rate it:
hold one's waterTo hold one's urine.Rate it:
hold outTo hold something out; to extend forward.Rate it:
hold outTo survive, endure.Rate it:
hold outTo set something aside or save it for later.Rate it:
hold overSomething left from an earlier time.Rate it:
hold over someone's headTo harp on; to remind continuously (especially of a misstep or defeat)Rate it:
hold somebody's handTo grasp or hold a person's hand.Rate it:
hold somebody's handTo guide somebody through the basics or assist with excessively small details.Rate it:
hold someone's feet to the fireTo maintain personal, social, political, or legal pressure on someone in order to induce him or her to comply with one's desires; to hold someone accountable for his or her actions.Rate it:
hold someone's handTo grasp or hold a person's hand.Rate it:
hold someone's handTo guide somebody through the basics or assist with excessively small details.Rate it:
hold swayDominate.Rate it:
hold that thoughtTo pause in a conversation for an interruption.Rate it:
hold that thoughtUsed to acknowledge that one's attention needs to be diverted from what an speaker was saying.Rate it:

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