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hic rhodus, hic salta(politics) Prove what you can do, here and now.Rate it:
hide and seekchildren's gameRate it:
hide nor hairA trace, indication, or evidence, especially of a person.Rate it:
hide one's light under a bushelFor a person to keep some talent or skill hidden from other people. The tone is that a person having a talent which they can be proud of ought not hide it.Rate it:
hide the sausageTo have sex.Rate it:
hiding to nothingA situation in which victory has little or no value, but defeat has a huge cost.Rate it:
high and drystrandedRate it:
high and loweverywhereRate it:
high and mightyOverbearingly arrogant; ostentatiously self-important or self-aggrandizing.Rate it:
high and mightyA social or economic group wielding undue power, influence or economic clout.Rate it:
high as a kiteVery much under the influence of drugs, extremely high.Rate it:
high as a kiteA person's internal condition of jubilation, enthusiasm, expectation, apprehension, obvious to others from the person's body language, verbal expressions, demeanor.Rate it:
high cottonThe best of times; a time of well being.Rate it:
high groundA location which is at a relatively high elevation, especially in comparison to the immediate surrounding area.Rate it:
high groundA position of advantage or superiority in a conflict or competition.Rate it:
high horseAn appearance or sense of smug superiority.Rate it:
high impactThe striking of one thing against another at a high altitude.Rate it:
high jinkstomfooleryRate it:
high noonExactly noon; midday; the middle of the day.Rate it:
high noteThe highest and usually climactic note of a song or composition, especially one that is difficult to reach.Rate it:
high noteSomething's climax or best achievement.Rate it:
high noteUsed other than as an idiom: see high, note.Rate it:
high on the hogWell off; living comfortably or extravagantly.Rate it:
high roadA course of action which is honorable, dignified, or respectable.Rate it:
high roadA main road or highway.Rate it:
high timeA point in time at which something desirable or necessary is considered to be utterly due or even overdue to occur.Rate it:
high timeA very enjoyable or exciting experience or period of time.Rate it:
high wiretightropeRate it:
high-tail itTo hurry or run; often, to flee.Rate it:
highflierA person who or a type of aircraft that flies at high elevations.Rate it:
highflierAn ambitious person, especially one who takes risks or has an extravagant lifestyle.Rate it:
hightail itTo hurry or run; often, to flee.Rate it:
highway robberySaid of excessive or exorbitant prices.Rate it:
hike upTo lift; to tug or pull upwards.Rate it:
hike upTo raise or increase sharply.Rate it:
hill of beansSomething of no importance.Rate it:
hind titAn inferior source of food or other resources.Rate it:
hindsight is 20/20(idiomatic) In hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset; one is able to evaluate past choices more clearly than at the time of the choice.Rate it:
hired gunA person who is employed as an armed guard, enforcer, or mercenary and who is prepared to use gunplay or similar violent methods in order to assert the interests of his or her employer.Rate it:
hired gunA person who is employed to advance the interests of his or her employer, especially in a vigorous manner using such methods as political lobbying, legal advocacy, or persuasion.Rate it:
his back is upHe is offended or angry; an expression or idea taken from a cat; that animal, when angry, always raising its back. An allusion also sometimes used to jeer a crooked man.Rate it:
historical figureA fictional or fabricated person who was was given historical importance in legends and myth.Rate it:
historical figureA person who lived long ago, usually of some historical note or importance.Rate it:
history repeats itselfThings that have happened in the past will happen again.Rate it:
hit a home runAccomplish a difficult task, design a spectacular approach, display an outstanding solution.Rate it:
hit a snagTo encounter an unexpected problem or delay.Rate it:
hit above one's weightAlternative form of punch above one's weight.Rate it:
hit below one's weightAlternative form of punch below one's weight.Rate it:
hit homeTo be especially memorable or meaningful; to be fully understood, believed or appreciated.Rate it:
hit homeTo do something particularly great.Rate it:

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