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heat upTo heat, to cause to become hotter.Rate it:
heat waveA period of exceptionally hot weather.Rate it:
heat wavespell of hot weatherRate it:
heave to and splice the main braceMarlinspike Era sailors expression: relative to his upcoming Liberty Ashore and His Activity; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . He Proclaimed; (See next drop-down box)Rate it:
heave to and splice the main brace'Heave to and splice the main brace!' An old salt's invitation to shipmates in a shore side pub to drink-up and be merry!Rate it:
heaven forbidTo say that one hopes that something does not happen.Rate it:
heaven helps those who help themselvesA maxim encouraging people to get involved in their own problems.Rate it:
heavy goingdifficult of progressRate it:
heavy goingboring, tediousRate it:
heavy goingthe going is wet and muddy (difficult to gallop on)Rate it:
heavy hitterA player with a favorable batting average who is especially good at hitting the ball deep into the outfield or farther.Rate it:
heavy hitterIn any sport, a strong, physical player who is particularly effective.Rate it:
heavy hitterA person of considerable importance who is a major decision maker or capable achiever; an especially significant organization or an especially functional object.Rate it:
heavy liftingThe most demanding part of an endeavour; work requiring the most effort, resources, or consideration.Rate it:
heavy-footedSlow-moving.Rate it:
heavy-heartedSad, melancholy.Rate it:
hedge one's betsTo place bets with a third party in order to offset potential losses.Rate it:
hedge one's betsTo reduce the risk of making a mistake, by keeping one's options open.Rate it:
heebie-jeebiesA general feeling of anxiety, fear, uneasiness, or nausea.Rate it:
hell and half of georgiaA very large region; everywhere.Rate it:
hell hath no fury like a woman scornedA woman will make someone suffer if they reject her.Rate it:
hell on earthA very unpleasant situation; torment, particularly when widespread.Rate it:
hell on wheelsTough, aggressive, lawless, wild.Rate it:
hell or high waterHighly adverse circumstances; acts of God.Rate it:
hell raiserwild pleasure seekerRate it:
hell to payVery unpleasant consequences; a great deal of trouble.Rate it:
hell weekThe week during which new members are required to undergo undignified rites of initiation or gruelling discipline in order to be accepted into a fraternity, sorority, secret society, military group, etc.Rate it:
hell-bent for leatherCowboy Poetry Expression; Storm-Out, Fast n Furious!, hell-bent fer an Election!Rate it:
help oneselfTake freely.Rate it:
helping handAny assistance, help or aid.Rate it:
hem and hawTo discuss, deliberate, or contemplate rather than taking action.Rate it:
hem inenclose, confineRate it:
hen's teethAnything very rare or impossible to obtain is said to be like finding hen’s teeth.Rate it:
hen's teethPlural form of hen's tooth.Rate it:
hen's toothAnything not naturally occuring.Rate it:
hens' teethAlternative form of hen's teeth.Rate it:
herd catsTo attempt to control those resistant to control.Rate it:
here and nowimmediatelyRate it:
here and thereFrom time to time.Rate it:
here and thereIn one place and another.Rate it:
here be dragonsA place/thing that has not yet been ventured; unfamiliar territoryRate it:
here goes nothingIndicates a lack of confidence or certainty about the activity about to be tried.Rate it:
here to staypresent, and set to remain permanently.Rate it:
here we goan expression of frustration upon seeing or hearing something bad repeated.Rate it:
here we go againan expression of frustration upon seeing something bad repeated.Rate it:
here you areSaid when you hand something over to someone or do a favour to them, usually to draw the recipient's attention to the exchange; Equivalent to “thank you” when receiving something..Rate it:
here you goAlternative form of here you are.Rate it:
here's toDenoting proposed salutation while drinking alcohol, toast.Rate it:
hereinaboveAbove this, in this document.Rate it:
het upangry or excitedRate it:

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