Found 843 phrases starting with H:

have someone's blood on one's headTo be responsible for someone's death, pain, or misfortune.Rate it:
have someone's guts for gartersTo reprimand severely.Rate it:
have someone's hideTo punish or subdue someone.Rate it:
have someone's numberTo understand a person's character, capabilities, or situation.Rate it:
have something down patTo know something or be able to do something perfectly. Be perfect master of something.Rate it:
have something to eatTo eat anything.Rate it:
have the biscuitTo be of no further use; to be near death.Rate it:
have the bluesTo be depressed, to have a low morale.Rate it:
have the floorTo have permission or time to speak, especially in a formal situation.Rate it:
have the hots forTo be attracted (sexually or romantically) to (someone).Rate it:
have the last laughTo be vindicated; to triumph despite predicted failure; to find success after defeat or setback.Rate it:
have the run ofTo have permission or freedom to move around throughout an area or to use something at will.Rate it:
have the tiger by the tailTo be in a difficult or dangerous situation in which one ideally should not remain, but from which one cannot withdraw.Rate it:
have the time of one's lifeTo enjoy oneself immensely.Rate it:
have the time of one's lifeTo enjoy oneself more than ever before.Rate it:
have the time of your lifeThe experience, situation, developments, surprises, unexpected legacy, unusual positive actions from your friends, relatives, employers.Rate it:
have the wind upTo be frightened or disturbed.Rate it:
have the wolf by the earTo be in a difficult situation - a dangerous situation from which one cannot disengage, but in which one cannot safely remain.Rate it:
have the world by the tailTo possess great influence and opportunity.Rate it:
have tickets on oneselfTo be conceited.Rate it:
have to doTo relate; to be relevant.Rate it:
have to do withSee "have to do".Rate it:
have to do with the price of fishvariant of have to do with the price of tea in ChinaRate it:
have to do with the price of tea in chinaTo have any relation or bearing whatsoever on the topic at hand, usually used to emphasize the lack of relationship of a non sequitur.Rate it:
have truck withTo have dealings with.Rate it:
have upTo accuse, arrest, try for a criminal act.Rate it:
have wordsTo argue, to have an argument.Rate it:
have wordsTo speak sternly, angrily, or in an argumentative manner to.Rate it:
have your wrist slappedThis expression indicates a minor objection, reprimand, correction, censoring, indicting for a misdemeanor.Rate it:
having a hissy-fitDisplaying disappointment over trivial matters, moaning, groaning over imagined or contrived insignificant slights.Rate it:
Hawaiian gooseThe nene, Branta sandvicensis.Rate it:
Hawaiian gooseUsed other than as an idiom: see Hawaiian, goose.Rate it:
he is always going off at a tangentHe always changes from a topic to another irrelevant oneRate it:
he who hesitates is lostone who is not quick to act gets left behind.Rate it:
he who laughs last laughs bestsuccess is better after having previously endured ridicule.Rate it:
he who laughs last laughs hardestAlternative form of he who laughs last laughs best.Rate it:
he who smelt it dealt it(colloquial, originally) A person who calls attention to or complains about a fart is likely trying to pretend it wasn't his or her own.(colloquial, by extension) Used to suggest that a person calling attention to or complaining about a given problem may in fact be the source of the problem.Rate it:
HE-double-hockey-sticksHell.Rate it:
HE-double-LHell.Rate it:
HE-double-toothpicksHell.Rate it:
he-manA strong, virile or sexually active man.Rate it:
head and shouldershead and shouldersRate it:
head and shouldershead and shouldersRate it:
head and shouldersTo a considerable degree; better; outstanding.Rate it:
head forgo towardsRate it:
head for the hillsTo go to a safe place; to seek refuge; to flee.Rate it:
head for the hillsTo travel to a higher elevation, especially to a rural region on vacation.Rate it:
head girlsenior female pupilRate it:
head honchoThe person in charge; the highest-ranking person in an organization.Rate it:
head in the cloudsHaving fantastic or impractical dreams; thinking impractically.Rate it:

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