Found 843 phrases starting with H:

hardwiredDesigned to perform a specific task.Rate it:
hardwiredIn humans and animals, genetically determined, instinctive behavior, as opposed to learned behavior.Rate it:
hardwiredNot changeable.Rate it:
hardwiredOf devices, closely or tightly coupled.Rate it:
harp on one stringTo dwell on a single subject with disagreeable or wearisome persistence.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowDisturbing someone otherwise in a state of calm.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowTo annoy or irritate; to bother.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowTo get on one's nerves.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowTo make someone feel bad emotionally.Rate it:
has-beenA formerly popular or influential person whose popularity or effectiveness has peaked and is now in decline. Typically said of professionals or celebrities whose primary success is behind them.Rate it:
hash outTo work through the details of something; especially to work through difficulties.Rate it:
hash slingerA cook or food server in a cheap restaurant, especially one who is discourteous or inattentive to customers.Rate it:
haste makes wasteOne makes mistakes when being too hasty.Rate it:
hat in handWith humility; in an apologetic or self-effacing fashion.Rate it:
hatchet jobA treatment which serves primarily to disparage its subject; a piece of criticism which aims to destroy a reputation.Rate it:
hatchet manA professional killer.Rate it:
hatchet manSomeone who carries out brutal and unpleasant duties on behalf of another, such as firing dead wood employees.Rate it:
hate somebody's gutsTo despise; to hate intensely or passionately.Rate it:
hate someone's gutsTo despise; to hate intensely or passionately.Rate it:
hateful as a toadvery hatefulRate it:
haters gonna hateCritics' opinions ultimately do not affect you and are unlikely to change, so ignore them.Rate it:
haul arse!Means 'Hurry-Up!', 'Get it in GearRate it:
haul assTo hurry; to move quickly, especially to leave.Rate it:
haul his ashesA euphemism for sexual intercourse.Rate it:
haul offTo alter course so as to get farther away from an object.Rate it:
haul offTo draw back the arm in order to punch.Rate it:
haul offTo leave.Rate it:
haul somebody over the coalsTo express anger with someone in no uncertain terms when they do something wrong.Rate it:
haul someone over the coalsTo express anger with someone in no uncertain terms when they do something wrong.Rate it:
haunted houseUsed other than as an idiom: see haunted, house.Rate it:
haunted houseA Halloween amusement attraction in which a building or series of rooms is decorated to frighten the people who pass through the attraction.Rate it:
have a ballTo enjoy thoroughly; to have lots of fun or excitement.Rate it:
have a blastTo thoroughly enjoy; to be excited or have lots of fun.Rate it:
have a bone to pickTo have a complaint or grievance with somebody.Rate it:
have a brick in one's hatto be drunkRate it:
have a bun in the ovenTo be pregnant; to be expecting a baby.Rate it:
have a coupleTo drink enough alcohol to be slightly drunkRate it:
have a cowTo get angry; have a fit.Rate it:
have a fable forTo have a weakness for something.Rate it:
have a fewTo drink enough alcohol to be slightly drunkRate it:
have a fitTo become suddenly enraged.Rate it:
have a fitTo experience an epileptic seizure.Rate it:
have a flatTo be the owner of an apartment.Rate it:
have a flatTo have a flat tyre.Rate it:
have a frog in one's throatTo feel the need to cough; to have a tickle in one's throat; to have a scratchy or uneven voice.Rate it:
have a goShout at or tell off unnecessarily or excessively.Rate it:
have a goTo make an attempt; to try.Rate it:
have a good oneTo enjoy an event or occasion, especially a holiday or one's birthday.Rate it:
have a good oneformula used when parting.Rate it:
have a good timeTo enjoy oneself.Rate it:

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