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hang upTo terminate a phone call.Rate it:
hang upring offRate it:
hang up one's bootsRetire, call it a day.Rate it:
hang up one's hatLiteral meaning.Rate it:
hang up one's hatTo end one's career.Rate it:
hang your hat on thatAssume or take credit for an idea, suggestion, phrase, development, creation, invention, proclamation, prediction, accomplishment, result, acceptance at large for your creation, art.performance et al:Rate it:
hang your hat on that oneA startling result, an accomplishment, a hard won contest, an acclaimed development, something very stable, dependable, worthy of note, salutary.Rate it:
hangar queenA grounded aircraft which is kept so that its parts can be used in other aircraft.Rate it:
hangar queenAn aircraft which requires a great deal of regular maintenance and has an unfavorable ratio of maintenance time to flight time.Rate it:
hanging offenceA crime so serious that it is punishable by means of death by hanging.Rate it:
happen alongTo arrive by chance; to occur by happenstance.Rate it:
happens once in a blue moonAn astronomical event which occurs quite infrequently and observable from the earth.Rate it:
happily ever afterLiving happily until death. Typically associated with fairy tales.Rate it:
happyTo LiveRate it:
happy as a clamVery happy and carefree.Rate it:
happy as a larkVery happy (sometimes with the extra connotations of being carefree or unaware of grimmer realities).Rate it:
happy as a pig in shitExtremely happy; obviously satisfied and carefree.Rate it:
happy as LarryExtremely happy and carefreeRate it:
happy camperOne who is thoroughly content or satisfied.Rate it:
happy go luckycarefreeRate it:
happy landingsAn expression of good-luck, safe travel in any conveyance, Have success in your career or business venture.Rate it:
happy mediumA balanced position between two opposite extremes.Rate it:
hard and fastAn expression of maritime origin. The vessel lodged hard and fast. Hard-grounded upon the hidden reef! An individual expressing an extreme tightly held position relative the topic at hand.Rate it:
hard as nailsVery hard; tough.Rate it:
hard cheeseExpressed to someone suffering misfortune.Rate it:
hard done byUsed, cheated, dejected.Rate it:
hard feelingsResentment, anger.Rate it:
hard hittinguncompromisingRate it:
hard linesExpressed to someone suffering misfortune.Rate it:
hard nut to crackUsed other than as an idiom: see hard, nut, crack.Rate it:
hard nut to crackA problem that is challenging to solve.Rate it:
hard nut to crackA situation, person, group, etc. which is difficult to overcome or deal with.Rate it:
hard nut to crackA place, opportunity, etc. to which it is difficult to gain entry.Rate it:
hard nut to crackAn amount that is difficult to finance.Rate it:
hard of hearingHaving difficulty hearing; somewhat deaf.Rate it:
hard on the eyesuglyRate it:
hard pill to swallowSomething that is difficult to accept.Rate it:
hard pressedHaving or likely to have difficulty or to find a task almost impossible.Rate it:
hard shouldermortorway shopping areaRate it:
hard yardsThe key effort in completing a difficult taskRate it:
hard-and-fastStrictly maintained.Rate it:
hard-heartedunfeelingRate it:
hard-nosedGuided by practical experience and observation rather than by theory.Rate it:
hard-nosedHardheaded.Rate it:
hard-pressedBarely able. Having difficulty doing something.Rate it:
hard-pressedExperiencing financial difficulty or difficulty in surviving.Rate it:
hardballIn baseball, a type of ball and baseball game, as opposed to softball.Rate it:
hardenTo become hard.Rate it:
hardenTo become or make a thing resistant or less sensitive.Rate it:
harden someone's heartTo make someone more resistant to something.Rate it:

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