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hit homeTo do something particularly great.Rate it:
hit it bigTo have great success.Rate it:
hit it offTo develop an amicable relationship (with), especially in a sudden manner during an initial encounter.Rate it:
hit it upTo develop an amicable relationship (with), especially in a sudden manner during an initial encounter.Rate it:
hit manhired killerRate it:
hit manhired assassinRate it:
hit onTo flirt with; to approach and speak to (someone), seeking romance, love, sex, etc.Rate it:
hit onTo discover, pinpoint; to think up; to realize; to invent.Rate it:
hit one out of the ballparkTo hit a fair ball so well that the ball flies over all of the spectators' seats and lands outside the stadium.Rate it:
hit one out of the ballparkTo produce a spectacular achievement.Rate it:
hit one's strideTo reach a full level of efficiency, competence, comfort, etc.; to get going.Rate it:
hit one's strideWhen walking or running, to reach a full or comfortable pace.Rate it:
hit outTo react viciously (towards someone/something).Rate it:
hit outTo perform by good luck.Rate it:
hit paydirtTo strike it rich; to get lucky or have a big break.Rate it:
hit someone for sixBe affected in a devastating way by some unexpected news.Rate it:
hit someone for sixTo hit another person very hard.Rate it:
hit the big timeTo become successful and widely known.Rate it:
hit the booksTo study, especially with particular intensity.Rate it:
hit the books!Launch a determined review or study of appropriate material and subjects by hitting the books in preparation for a stringent examination/knowledge test in a pre-employment interview.Rate it:
hit the bottleTo continually drink alcohol to excess, particularly in response to a setback.Rate it:
hit the bricksTo leave or depart; to get out.Rate it:
hit the bricksMove on to street, highway, road; begin to travel, leave one venue, move on.Rate it:
hit the bricksTo participate in a workplace strike or other job action; to participate in a public protest, especially one involving picketing.Rate it:
hit the bricksTo travel about, especially on foot.Rate it:
hit the buffersTo stop suddenly and unexpectedlyRate it:
hit the bulls eyeRemarkably accurate, Good shot, right on the mark.Rate it:
hit the ceilingTo be explosively angry. To lose one's temper.Rate it:
hit the deckAnnouncement to ship's personnel via P.A. system to arise and leave sleeping quarters.Rate it:
hit the deck!"Get Up!", "Get Outa The Sack", "Get Out Of Bed!"Rate it:
hit the fanTo have a dramatic, usually negative, effect.Rate it:
hit the gasGo, go faster.Rate it:
hit the ground runningTo begin an activity immediately and with full commitment.Rate it:
hit the hayTo go to bed.Rate it:
hit the headlinesTo appear prominently in the news, especially on the front page.Rate it:
hit the jackpotSometimes one can gamble and win BIG!Rate it:
hit the jackpotTo realise a huge load of luck; to receive a more favorable outcome than imagined.Rate it:
hit the nail on the headTo identify something exactly; to arrive at exactly the right answer.Rate it:
hit the nail on the head!To do something perfectly, to give a textbook answer to a question that shows you grasp the concept at hand.Rate it:
hit the pavementLiteral meaning.Rate it:
hit the pavementTo get moving in an automobile or other road vehicle.Rate it:
hit the roadTo begin traveling in an automobile or other road vehicle.Rate it:
hit the roadTo leave a place; to go away.Rate it:
hit the road!, hit the bricks!hit the road!, hit the bricks!Rate it:
hit the rockTo make a gesture to show celebration, friendship, or to be part of a secret handshake by one person raising their fist so the fist is pointing at the person and the other person lightly punches the fist.Rate it:
hit the rockTo use crack cocaine.Rate it:
hit the rocksTo be at a low point in one's pursuits.Rate it:
hit the roofTo be explosively angry.Rate it:
hit the sackTo go to bed.Rate it:
hit the sackgo to bedRate it:

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