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hack intoTo reduce something to by hacking with a cutting instrument.
hack intoTo gain unauthorized entry to, particularly by exploiting little-known weaknesses.
hack itTo cope with, to be successful in.
had betterShould; ought to; need to.
hair of the dogAn alcoholic drink taken the morning after to cure a hangover or withdrawal symptoms.
hair-splittingThe act of finding exceedingly small differences which are probably neither important nor noticeable to most people.
hair-splittinglyWith exceedingly small differences which are probably neither important nor noticeable to most people.
hakuna matatano worries
halcyon daysA period of calm, often nostalgic: “halcyon days of yore”, “halcyon days of youth”..
halcyon daysPeriod of calm during the winter, when storms do not occur.
half a dozensix
half a mindA moderate inclination.
half hourperiod of 30 minutes
half nelsonwrestling hold
half-bakedPartially cooked by heating in an oven.
halfway decentGood - better than expected.
halfway decentNo more than adequate.
hall porterhotel employee
ham fistedclumsy
ham it upTo act or emote, especially to overact or act badly.
hammer and tongsWith tools indicating seriousness of intent and capability of harm.
hammer homeUntil or so that a person or group of people understands it.
hammer outTo come to an agreement after much arguing.
hammeredSlang for drunk
hand downTo transmit in succession, as from father to son, or from predecessor to successor.
hand downTo forward to the proper officer .
hand grenadesmall explosive device
hand inTo give something to a responsible person.
hand in gloveIn very close cooperation.
hand in handHolding or clasping hands.
hand in handNaturally, ordinarily or predictably together; commonly having a correlation or relationship.
hand it to somebodyTo give somebody credit or praise.
hand offTo pass or transfer something to someone.
hand overTo relinquish control or possession of something to someone.
hand over fistQuickly or in great quantity, especially in reference to earning money.
hand wavingDiscussion or argumentation involving approximation, vagueness, educated guessing, or the attempt to explain or excuse vagaries.
hand-in-gloveClosely cooperative.
handbags at dawnA catty squabble.
handle with kid glovesTo treat something very delicately or carefully.
hands downWithout much effort; easily.
hands downWithout question[2].
handwriting on the wallAlternative form of writing on the wall. A divine prediction or sentence to fate.
hang (hang with)Spend time in the company of someone.
hang a louieMake a left turn while driving a vehicle.
hang a ralphMake a right turn while driving a vehicle.
hang aboutTo stay, linger or loiter.
hang an arseTo hang back, to be afraid to advance.
hang aroundTo stay, linger or loiter.
hang by a threadTo be in danger, calling for precise caution. To be in a precarious situation.
hang in the balanceTo be in a precarious situation, unsure of the future.

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