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give someone a hard timeTo cause difficulty or make trouble for someone.Rate it:
give someone a hard timeTo tease, kid, or rib someone.Rate it:
give someone a piece of one's mindTo express one's opinion strongly; to voice one's disagreement or dissatisfaction, especially with another person; to scold or rebuke someone.Rate it:
give someone an earfulTo shout very loudly at someoneRate it:
give someone griefTo cause pain.Rate it:
give someone griefTo hassle, abuse.Rate it:
give someone Hail Columbiato scold someone severely.Rate it:
give someone his headTo allow (someone) to act without constraint: to give (someone) free rein.Rate it:
give someone pauseTo give somebody cause for concern.Rate it:
give someone the bootTo fire, to sack, to dismiss.Rate it:
give someone the brush-offTo rebuff, snub or curtly reject someone.Rate it:
give someone the businessTo treat someone harshly or in a wrongful manner, such as by abusing, deceiving, or manipulating.Rate it:
give someone the businessTo harangue, criticize vigorously, berate, or ridicule someone.Rate it:
give someone the chairTo execute a person by means of the electric chair.Rate it:
give someone the cold shoulderTo snub, resist or reject somebody; to regard somebody distantly.Rate it:
give someone the creepsTo give someone a feeling of uneasiness or mild fright.Rate it:
give someone the eyeTo show flirtatious signs with the eye.Rate it:
give someone the heave-hoto fire, expel or break up with someone.Rate it:
give someone the old heave-hoAlternative form of give somebody the heave-ho.Rate it:
give someone the runaroundTo delay, dodge, or frustrate (someone), especially by providing useless information or directions .Rate it:
give someone the slipTo evade, escape, or get away from somebody.Rate it:
give someone what forTo punish; to rebuke.Rate it:
give someone what-forTo admonish or berate; to speak angrily at somebody.Rate it:
give something a goTo try or attempt.Rate it:
give something a missTo forego something.Rate it:
give something a tryTo try or attempt.Rate it:
give the bootTo fire, to sack, to dismiss.Rate it:
give the devil his dueTo acknowledge the positive qualities of a person who is unpleasant or disliked.Rate it:
give the elbowTo terminate the employment of.Rate it:
give the lie toTo prove something to be false; to refute.Rate it:
give the royal treatmentTo treat (someone) extremely wellRate it:
give the time of dayTo acknowledge somebody; to give somebody any respect or attention.Rate it:
give them the slipA well designed escape from captors, a maneuver or tactic which enables the contriver the opportunity to accomplish his goal.Rate it:
give thoughtto consider, think about or evaluate somethingRate it:
give upsurrenderRate it:
give up the ghostTo cease clinging to life; to die.Rate it:
give up the ghostTo quit; to cease functioning.Rate it:
give up the ghostTo cede a commitment to or identification with.Rate it:
give weightto attach importance toRate it:
give weightto improve the credibility or legitimacy ofRate it:
give what forTo scold; to punish, especially verbally.Rate it:
glad ragsbest clothesRate it:
glad tidingsgood newsRate it:
glass ceilingAn unwritten, uncodified barrier to further promotion or progression, in employment and elsewhere, for a member of a specific demographic group.Rate it:
glass-half-emptypessimisticRate it:
glass-half-fulloptimisticRate it:
glimmerA faint light; a dim glow.Rate it:
glimmerA faint or remote possibility.Rate it:
glimmerA flash of light.Rate it:
glipeIn Northern Ireland a 'glipe' means 'idiot'Rate it:

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