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give him enough rope and he'll hang himselfIf one gives someone enough freedom of action, they may destroy themselves by foolish actions.Rate it:
give hostage to fortuneHe was very cautious with his words and gave no hostages to fortune.Rate it:
give hostage to fortuneTo take an action or make a statement that is risky because it could cause you trouble later.Rate it:
give inTo collapse or fall.Rate it:
give inTo droop the head.Rate it:
give inTo relent or yield.Rate it:
give it a goTo try or attempt.Rate it:
give it a shotTry or attempt (something).Rate it:
give it a twistIf you have trouble getting it to work right, try giving it a twist.Rate it:
give it a whirlTo try, test or attempt.Rate it:
give it one's best shotTo make one's best effort or attempt; to try as hard as possible.Rate it:
give it the gunLiteral meaning.Rate it:
give it the old college tryAn American Expression'; Give It The Traditional College Student's Focused, Determined Attempt Toward Achieving The Goal!Rate it:
give meUsed other than as an idiom: see give, me.Rate it:
give meAn expression of strong preference or approbationRate it:
give meform of words used as a request by a telephone-user to be connected with a specified person, number, etc.Rate it:
give me liberty or give me deathA set-phrase indicating enormous displeasure at any over-authoritarian policy or law.Rate it:
give noticeTo announce one's intent to leave a job; to inform an employer that one is leaving.Rate it:
give of oneselfTo devote oneself unselfishly to a task, especially to give time and energy.Rate it:
give one enough ropeTo allow one to function unhindered, or without further overbearing oversight.Rate it:
give one's allTo make the utmost effort; to contribute, using all of one's abilities and resources.Rate it:
give one's allTo lose one's life while making the utmost effort with full commitment.Rate it:
give one's head a shakeTo reassess the common sense of one's behaviour, ideas, etc.Rate it:
give or takeApproximately; plus or minus some unknown amount.Rate it:
give outto utter, publish; to announce, proclaim, report. to give (it) out: to profess, give it to be believed that. also, to give (a person) out to be (so and so)(transtive) To announce (a hymn) to be sung; to read out (the words) for the congregation to singRate it:
give outTo announce (a hymn) to be sung; to read out (the words) for the congregation to singRate it:
give outTo send forth, emit; to cause to be sent forth.To put forth, utter (prayers).Rate it:
give outTo put forth, utter (prayers).Rate it:
give outTo issue; to distribute.Rate it:
give overTo devote oneself to a particular activity.Rate it:
give overTo entrust something to another.Rate it:
give overUsually as an imperative. To tell someone to stop molesting, fooling around, or saying silly things. Or sometimes to stop saying flattering things.Rate it:
give rise to (something)To cause something to existRate it:
give some skinTo greet or congratulate someone by slapping his or her palm; see slap me five.Rate it:
give somebody a handTo help, aid, or assist.Rate it:
give somebody a hard timeTo tease, kid, or rib.Rate it:
give somebody a piece of one's mindTo express one's opinion strongly; to voice one's disagreement or dissatisfaction.Rate it:
give somebody an earfulTo shout very loudly at someone.Rate it:
give somebody pauseTo give somebody cause for concern.Rate it:
give somebody the brush-offTo rebuff, snub or curtly reject someone.Rate it:
give somebody the cold shoulderTo snub, resist or reject somebody; to regard somebody distantly.Rate it:
give somebody the creepsTo give someone a feeling of uneasiness or mild fright.Rate it:
give somebody the heave-hoTo fire, expel or break up with someone.Rate it:
give somebody the runaroundEspecially by providing useless information or directions .Rate it:
give somebody the slipTo evade, escape, or get away from somebody.Rate it:
give somebody what-forTo admonish or berate; to speak angrily at somebody.Rate it:
give someone a big headTo flatter someone excessively; to overpraise someone, usually resulting in them becoming proud, arrogant or conceited.Rate it:
give someone a bloody noseto defeat or frustrate someone, but not doing any permanent damage in the processRate it:
give someone a handTo help, aid, or assist.Rate it:
give someone a handTo applaud or clap (also to give (someone) a big hand).Rate it:

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