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get through toTo succeed in communicating with (after initial difficulty).Rate it:
get tied upTo be detained or delayed.Rate it:
get tied upTo be restrained with rope or cord.Rate it:
get toUsed other than as an idiom: see get, to.Rate it:
get toTo affect adversely; to upset or annoy.Rate it:
get toTo track down and intimidate.Rate it:
get to fuckGo away!; Fuck off!Rate it:
get to fuckExpression of disagreement or disbelief.Rate it:
get to fuckUsed other than as an idiom: see get, to, fuck.Rate it:
get to grips withTo deal (with something) decisively, or to confront (it) head on.Rate it:
get to grips withTo battle (with something).Rate it:
get to grips withTo gain an understanding (of something).Rate it:
get to the bottom ofTo understand, discover the truth about, or solve.Rate it:
get to the pointTo state (something) directly; as opposed to in a long-winded way.Rate it:
get to the root of the problemSeek to discover the cause of a problem, test, analyze, examine, consult manuals, refer to circuitry diagrams, Seek tech-support.Rate it:
get togetherUsed other than as an idiom: see get, together.Rate it:
get togetherto meet, to gather together, to congregateRate it:
get togetherto accumulate, to gatherRate it:
get togetherto agreeRate it:
get togetherTo start dating; to start being a couple.Rate it:
get under someone's skinTo irritate someone.Rate it:
get under someone's skinTo make a memorable impression or have a strong effect on someone; to impact someone's feelings.Rate it:
get upoutfitRate it:
get upariseRate it:
get up on the wrong side of the bedTo feel irritable; to be in a bad mood; to have a bad day from the start, for no particular reason.Rate it:
get up someone's noseTo annoy someone; to get on somebody's nerves.Rate it:
get up the yardGet lost!Rate it:
get up the yardNonsense! I don't believe you.Rate it:
get up the yardI disagree.Rate it:
get up with the chickensto wake up earlyRate it:
get usedUsed other than as an idiom: see get, used.Rate it:
get usedBecome accustomed to something, to acclimate, to adjustRate it:
get wellTo recover from an illness or injury.Rate it:
get wellTo recover from financial straits.Rate it:
get wetTo come into contact with water or another liquid.Rate it:
get wetOf a woman, to become sexually aroused, as indicated by the occurrence of the natural lubrication of the vagina.Rate it:
get what's coming to oneTo experience the consequences of one's action.Rate it:
get wind ofTo hear about; to learn of, especially with respect to facts intended to have been kept confidential or secret.Rate it:
get with the programTo become organized, current, or aware.Rate it:
get with the programTo work productively toward the objective of a shared enterprise, especially after the objective or the environment has changed.Rate it:
get with the programTo comply with the norms of a social group, especially a shared enterprise.Rate it:
get your butt in gearPrepare To Move-Out, 'Shake A LegRate it:
get your sh-t together!Collect Your Thoughts, Get The Tools, Get Prepared, Gird Your Loins, Be Fully Focused, Be Wide Awake, Be Guarded Expect About Anything, Be Sharp.Rate it:
get your skates onHurryRate it:
get-rich-quickClaiming to provide large profits quickly, with no realistic chance of success, in order to lure gullible investment victims.Rate it:
gets downdismountsRate it:
getting evenretaliatingRate it:
getting it all togetherResearch your plan thoroughly, seek expert advice, launch trial balloons, rehearse your presentation, edit and firm it for final presentation.Rate it:
ghetto birdA police helicopter, specifically in the context of patrolling or searching impoverished, high-crime urban areas (the ghetto).Rate it:
ghetto lotterya financial windfall obtainable by a poor personRate it:

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