Found 920 phrases starting with G:

go downTo descend; to move from a higher place to a lower one.Rate it:
go downTo decrease; to change from a greater value to a lesser one.Rate it:
go downFall to the floor.Rate it:
go downTo stop functioning, to go offline.Rate it:
go downTo be received or accepted.Rate it:
go downTo perform oral sex.Rate it:
go downTo take place, happen.Rate it:
go down like a lead balloonTo be received negatively by others.Rate it:
go down onTo perform oral sex upon (either sex).Rate it:
go down that roadTo settle a way of doing something; do decide to do something in a particular way.Rate it:
go down the panTo fail or degenerate rapidly.Rate it:
go down the roadA way of doing something; to do something in a particular way.Rate it:
go down the toiletTo fail.Rate it:
go down the tubesTo fail or degenerate rapidly.Rate it:
go down the wrong wayTo swallow food or drink so that it goes down the wrong tube in one's throat and makes one cough or for a short period lose one's breath or choke.Rate it:
go downhillTo worsen or degenerate.Rate it:
go downtownto perform oral sexRate it:
go dutchshare expenses equallyRate it:
go dutchTo pay for one's own food and bills, or split the cost, when eating at a restaurant or going out for entertainment.Rate it:
go figureExpresses perplexity, confusion, surprise, or puzzlement.Rate it:
Go Fly A KiteGet Outa Here, Leave Town, "I Don't B'lieve Ya!"Rate it:
go forTo attack something.Rate it:
go forTo be equally valid or appropriate.Rate it:
go forTo do something, especially for leisure.Rate it:
go forTo endure, sustain or spend time.Rate it:
go forTo go somewhere in order to get something.Rate it:
go forTo try for something.Rate it:
go for a roll in the hayTo have sex.Rate it:
go for brokeTo try everything possible or do last thing possible in a final attempt.Rate it:
go for brokeTo wager everything.Rate it:
go for itA cry of encouragement.Rate it:
go for the goldTo attempt to achieve the maximum reward or result in an endeavor.Rate it:
go for the jugularTo exert an unrestrained, aggressive effort, especially by assailing an opponent's or victim's area of greatest vulnerability.Rate it:
go from strength to strengthTo continue to get stronger[1].Rate it:
go from zero to heroTo become very popular after being unpopular.Rate it:
go from zero to heroTo change from negative outcome to positive outcome. To improve one's fortunes significantly.Rate it:
go GaltTo become a recluse and stop contributing to one's society, especially in the form of taxes by reducing one's productivity or work or by refusing to follow societal norms that one believes to be unjust.Rate it:
go great gunsTo perform particularly well; to be particularly successful.Rate it:
go great gunsTo move or proceed very quickly.Rate it:
go halfsiesTo share something by splitting it in half.Rate it:
go halvesTo divide equally between two parties.Rate it:
go hand in handOf two things, to be closely related or to go together well; see hand in hand.Rate it:
go hand in handOf two people, to hold hands.Rate it:
go hangTo be cursed; to be unworthy of notice or bother.Rate it:
go in forTo enter a competition.Rate it:
go in forTo have an interest in or approve of something.Rate it:
go in forTo engage or take part in something.Rate it:
go in offTo pot the cue ball accidentally after hitting the object ball.Rate it:
go in one ear and out the otherFailed to pay attention.Rate it:
go in the out doorTo engage in anal sex.Rate it:

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