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gloss overTo cover up a mistake or a crime; to hush up or whitewash.Rate it:
gloss overTo treat something with less care than it deserves; to skimp.Rate it:
gloves are offTo argue or compete without regard to one's actions or feelingsRate it:
gloves are offFrom the sport of boxing where competitors fistfight wearing padded gloves; removing the gloves during a fight could result in serious physical injuryRate it:
glow wormbeetleRate it:
glutton for punishmentOne persistent in an effort in spite of harmful or unpleasant results.Rate it:
gnaw someone's vitalsto deeply trouble (someone)Rate it:
go a long wayTo be adequate or helpful for a significant amount of time.Rate it:
go a long wayTo achieve considerable success.Rate it:
go a-beggingTo be wasted.Rate it:
go aboutTo busy oneself with.Rate it:
go aboutTo tackle (a problem or task).Rate it:
go aboutTo circulate (in).Rate it:
go aboutTo change from one tack to another.Rate it:
go against the grainTo defy convention; to do something in a manner that is unusual or out of the ordinary.Rate it:
go aheadTo proceed; to begin.Rate it:
go all outTo reserve nothing; to put forth all possible effort or resources.Rate it:
go all the wayTo continue to the conclusion of a task or project.Rate it:
go all the wayTo have sexual intercourse.Rate it:
go along for the rideTo accompany someone passively, or to take a passive role in a project.Rate it:
go along to get alongTo conform in order to have acceptance and security.Rate it:
go along withTo comply with something, even if reluctantly; to accept or tolerate.Rate it:
go along with the gagTo cooperate in continuing a joke, hoax, or similar phenomenon initiated by others.Rate it:
go apeshitTo behave in an extreme manner; to act without restraint, especially by becoming explosively angry.Rate it:
go awayCommand asking someone to leave them alone.Rate it:
go awayGo away, stop annoying me!.Rate it:
go awryto become twisted, or turned to one sideRate it:
go awryto depart from the correct courseRate it:
go awryOf a situation, to fall apart or unravel; to fall into disorderRate it:
go backTo return to a place.Rate it:
go back onTo be treacherous or faithless to; betray; as, to go back on friends.Rate it:
go back onTo fail to keep; to renege on; as, to go back on one's promises.Rate it:
go back to square onerevert to the beginning and start all over againRate it:
go back to the drawing boardTo start again; to scrap a previous idea or plan and try again from the beginning.Rate it:
go badspoilRate it:
go badputrefyRate it:
go ballisticTo become very angry and irrational.Rate it:
go bananasTo go mad.Rate it:
go batshitTo become completely irrational; to react in an irrationally extreme manner.Rate it:
go beggingTo be available but wasted, unused, or not actualized.Rate it:
go belly-upTo die.Rate it:
go belly-upTo fail or fold; especially, to close or shut down a business; to go out of business.Rate it:
go betweenan intermediaryRate it:
go blueOf states and counties, to be carried by a Democratic candidate in a given U.S. election.Rate it:
go byTo pass, to go past, without much interaction.Rate it:
go by the boardTo be superseded, rejected, or obliterated; to pass by with little consequence; to amount to nothing.Rate it:
go by the boardTo estimate the velocity of a boat or ship in knots by casting overboard the knotted line to whose end is attached the lead and thereafter counting the knots in the line as it goes aft along the side boards of the vessel.Rate it:
go by the boardTo fall or to go overboard; to be cast over the side of a ship.Rate it:
go by the waysideTo become obsolete or outmoded.Rate it:
go commandoTo not wear underpants.Rate it:

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