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gagging for itUp for it, having a strong desire for sex.Rate it:
gain groundto become farther from another traveling the same course.Rate it:
gallows humorComedy that makes light of death or other very serious matters.Rate it:
game faceThe expression of one who is prepared for or is facing a lot of difficult and/or undesirable work, especially when it is imminent.Rate it:
game planAny strategy devised to reach a given objective.Rate it:
gandy dancerA railway laborer, especially a member of a crew which carries rails and affixes them to ties.Rate it:
gang upTo join together, as a gang.Rate it:
gang up onTo join together in a gang in order to overpower someone else.Rate it:
gapers' blockA traffic jam resulting from motorists slowing to look at a motor vehicle collision or other roadside distraction.Rate it:
garbage in, garbage out(computing, information technology) If input data is not complete, accurate, and timely, then the resulting output is unreliable and of no useful value.1963, Raymond Crowley, "Robot Tax Collector Seeks Indications of 'Fudging'," Times Daily (Alabama, USA), 1 April (retrieved 26 July 2010):Officials explained that the quality of the computer's work depends on the quality of the data fed into it. Neil Hoke, administrative assistant to Stewart, quoted an adage of computer men: "Garbage in, garbage out."2008, Roger K. Lewis, "'In Architectural Design, Brains and Talent Trump the Best Software," Washington Post, 19 July (retrieved 26 July 2010):The old caveat "GIGO"Rate it:
garden pathUsed other than as an idiom: see garden, path.Rate it:
garden pathShort for garden path sentence.Rate it:
garden peasvegetablesRate it:
garden varietyOrdinary, common, or unexceptional.Rate it:
Gary GlitterThe anus, especially when used in anal sex.Rate it:
gather dustto remain unused for a long period of timeRate it:
gathers around informationcollect information from around the environmentRate it:
gathers from aroundcollect or receiving the information or rumors from around the environment or gathering or people.Rate it:
gear upTo prepare for an activity.Rate it:
gemmagirls nameRate it:
gender benderA person who dresses in the clothes of another sex, or in clothes which make their gender identity ambiguous.Rate it:
genetic modificationUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
genetic modificationThe deliberate modification of the genetic structure of an organism.Rate it:
genie is out of the bottleInformation has been released that will have ongoing consequences.Rate it:
genie is out of the bottleSomething has been brought into reality that cannot be eliminated or undone.Rate it:
gentleman of the back doorA sodomite.Rate it:
German goitreA protruding stomach, especially one supposed to be indicative of excessive consumption of beer.Rate it:
German virginThe name of a poker hand in the game of Texas hold 'em, when a player is dealt two nine cards.Rate it:
German wheelUsed other than as an idiom: see German, wheel.Rate it:
German wheelAn apparatus made up of two large, usually steel rings joined together by a set of parallel steel bars.Rate it:
gesutoJapanese - ゲスト (gesuto) in english means guest.Rate it:
getA difficult return or block of a shot.Rate it:
getLineage.Rate it:
getOffspring.Rate it:
get a bit worked up!To become excited, alarmed, frightened over a situation, conversation, scenario.Rate it:
get a charge out ofTo derive excitement, entertainment, or pleasure from.Rate it:
get a fixTo obtain something necessary, especially a dose of an addictive drug or anything else compulsively sought after.Rate it:
get a gripTo relax; to calm down; to stop being angry; to come to one's senses or become more rational.Rate it:
get a handle onTo build or acquire a basic level of understanding or control.Rate it:
get a jump onTo start early, especially to start before something begins or before others begin.Rate it:
get a kick out ofTo be delighted by; to be amused by.Rate it:
get a leg upTo gain some advantage; to get a head start.Rate it:
get a leg upTo get a boost or a lift.Rate it:
get a leg-upFigure of speech. To gain control, manage, acquire, dominate, infinitely analyze.Rate it:
get a lifeUsed sarcastically to tell someone who keeps meddling in other people's business, or gossiping about others, to stop obsessing over other people's lives and to concentrate on themselves and do something useful.Rate it:
get a load ofTo experience someone or something, especially by looking or listening.Rate it:
get a move onTo hurry up, to get moving.Rate it:
get a rise out ofTo obtain a reaction from someone, especially one of annoyance.Rate it:
get a roomA jocular or sarcastic expression commanding a couple to stop displaying affection in public, and to rent a hotel or motel room to continue amorous activities in private.Rate it:
get a wiggle onTo hurry up.Rate it:

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