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fiddle aroundThe act of needless attention, inappropriate experimentation, lackadaisical manipulations.Rate it:
fiddle faddlenonsenseRate it:
fiddle while Rome burnsTo neglect helping when one's time is needed most; to ignore the major problem at hand (whilst doing something less important); to be idle, inactive, or uninterested in a time of great need.Rate it:
field dayA parade day.Rate it:
field dayA school day for athletic events; a sports day.Rate it:
field dayTop-to-bottom all-hands cleaning.Rate it:
field dayA day of class taken away from school for a field trip.Rate it:
field dayA great time or a great deal to do, at somebody else's expense.Rate it:
field dayA great time or a great deal to do.Rate it:
fifteen minutes of fameA very short time in the spotlight or brief flurry with fame, after which the person or subject involved is quickly forgotten.Rate it:
fifteen minutes of fameAlternate form of 15 minutes of fame.Rate it:
fifth wheelA type of trailer hitch, which consists of a horseshoe-shaped plate on a multi-directional pivot, with a locking pin to couple with the kingpin of a truck trailer.Rate it:
fifth wheelA very large trailer that is towed with a pickup truck.Rate it:
fifth wheelA very large truck trailer; an 18-wheeler.Rate it:
fifth wheelAnything superfluous or unnecessary.Rate it:
fight a losing battleTo continue to wage war when it is clear that one is not going to win.Rate it:
fight a losing battleTo try to do something so difficult that it will probably end in failure.Rate it:
fight fire with fireTo respond to an attack with a similar or identical method.Rate it:
fight firesTo deal with urgent matters and minor emergencies rather than longer-term work.Rate it:
fight in armourTo have sex while using a condom.Rate it:
fight offTo succeed in defeating a challenge, or an attack.Rate it:
fight offTo resist, particularly an infection or an emotion.Rate it:
fight shy ofTo avoid something.Rate it:
fight tooth and nailTo use every means possible to overcome a difficult opposition.Rate it:
fighting chanceA chance that is dependent on success in a struggle.Rate it:
figure of speechA word or phrase that departs from straightforward, literal language.Rate it:
figure outTo come to understand; to discover or find a solution; to deduce.Rate it:
file awayTo store in a file.Rate it:
file off the serial numbersTo remove the copyrighted elements from an existing work of fan fiction so that it may be commercially published as original fiction.Rate it:
fill inTo fill; to replace material that is absent or has been removed.Rate it:
fill inTo inform somebody, especially to supply someone missing or missed information.Rate it:
fill inTo substitute for somebody or something.Rate it:
fill inTo complete a form or questionnaire with requested information.Rate it:
fill in the blankA type of question or phrase with one or more words replaced with a blank line, giving the reader the chance to add the missing word(s).Rate it:
fill in the blankTo answer or complete a fill in the blank.Rate it:
fill in the blankTo complete the interruption, ambiguity or vagueness in understanding, perception or context of a situation.Rate it:
fill one's faceTo eat, especially in a hearty or greedy manner.Rate it:
fill one's handTo draw one's handgun, especially for an armed confrontation.Rate it:
fill somebody's shoesTo do somebody's job; to perform or assume somebody's role.Rate it:
fill someone's shoesTo do (somebody's) job; to perform or assume (somebody's) role.Rate it:
fill the billTo satisfy a need; to serve a purpose; to fulfill specified requirements.Rate it:
fill the billIn order to fill the bill an individual must carry the ball, complete the task, fulfill the expectations.Rate it:
fill upTo make full.Rate it:
fill upTo become full.Rate it:
film criticmovie reviewerRate it:
film noirmovie styleRate it:
film outTo transfer images or animation from videotape or digital files to a traditional celluloid film print.Rate it:
filter downOf a liquid; to move slowly down to lower substrate levels.Rate it:
filter downOf information, or resources; to move slowly down to lower levels of an organisation, or population.Rate it:
filter upOf information, knowledge or practice; to move slowly up to other levels of an organisation, or population.Rate it:

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