Found 149 phrases starting with FA:

fabulousto be pretty or cuteRate it:
face downTo confront.Rate it:
face offThe starting point, in a match of ice hockey. Two players face each other, for snatching the puck.Rate it:
face offEither an actual or a figurative face to face confrontation, especially a bitter one.Rate it:
face that would stop a clockA shockingly attractive face.Rate it:
face that would stop a clockA shockingly unattractive face.Rate it:
face the musicTo accept or confront the unpleasant consequences of one's actions.Rate it:
face to faceIn person; directly; in the physical presence of somebody.Rate it:
face up toTo confront a condition or situation, typically one that is unpleasant or uncomfortable.Rate it:
face valueNo more or less than what is stated; a literal or direct meaning or interpretation.Rate it:
face valueThe amount or value listed on a bill, note, stamp, etc.; the stated value or amount.Rate it:
faceplantDeath or defeat in popular multiplayer online games.Rate it:
faceplantThe act of landing face first, often associated with bailing during extreme sports.Rate it:
fact isactually, in truthRate it:
factor inTo consider as a factorRate it:
factor spaceA space obtained from another by identification of points that are equivalent to one another in some equivalence relation.Rate it:
factor spaceIn a product space.Rate it:
factotumA general servant.Rate it:
factotumA person having many diverse activities or responsibilities.Rate it:
factotumJack of all trades.Rate it:
facts on the groundA euphemism, similar to fait accompli, used as an oblique way of saying that discussions over the possession of a given piece of territory has been rendered moot by the presence of military forces.Rate it:
facts on the groundSome aspects of the situation in a particular location.Rate it:
fade outdecrease graduallyRate it:
fade outA type of transition used in movies usually at the end of a scene, in which the transition fades to black from the cut.Rate it:
fag hagA woman who likes the company of gay men.Rate it:
fail overTo automatically switch processing from a failed component in a critical system to its live spare or backup component.Rate it:
failure to thriveUsed other than as an idiom: see failure, thrive.Rate it:
failure to thrivePoor physical growth or level of weight, relative to one's age peers.Rate it:
failure to thriveAbnormal weight loss, malaise.Rate it:
failure to thriveInstances of poor physical growth or of abnormal weight loss.Rate it:
fair and squareTotally fairly and undoubtedly.Rate it:
fair and squareWithin the applicable rules.Rate it:
fair enoughAn expression used to concede a point; denotes that, upon consideration, something is correct or reasonable; an expression of acknowledgment or understanding.Rate it:
fair gameA game that is fair, that does not involve cheating etc.Rate it:
fair gameActions permissible by the rules.Rate it:
fair gameAn goal or object that may legitimately be sought.Rate it:
fair offTo clear.Rate it:
fair sexWomen collectively.Rate it:
fair to middlingOnly tolerably good.Rate it:
fair weather friendOnly when it is advantageous or easy.Rate it:
fair-haired boySomeone's favourite, especially a young one, a blue-eyed boy (British), (Australian)Rate it:
fair-weather friendOne who is friendly, helpful, or available only when it is advantageous or convenient to be so.Rate it:
faith can move mountainsa strong, fervent belief in one's capability goes a long way in successful accomplishment of a taskRate it:
faith will move mountainsBelief in oneself (read sometimes as belief in God) can help one overcome any hurdle in life's path.Rate it:
fall aboutlaugh uncontrollablyRate it:
fall about the placeto laugh uncontrollablyRate it:
fall apartTo break into pieces through being in a dilapidated state.Rate it:
fall apartTo be emotionally in crisis.Rate it:
fall at the last hurdleTo fail near the end of something.Rate it:
fall awayTo cease to support a person or cause.Rate it:

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