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flip your lidTo verbally lash-out, explode, emotionally blow-up, lose control of one's self.Rate it:
flip-outOne flips-out in becoming hysterical, extremely illogical, unreasonable, disoriented, discontented, or uncontrollable.Rate it:
flipsideLater or tomorrow.Rate it:
flipsideA necessary consequence or corollary of something; especially one seen as opposite, or as pro versus con.Rate it:
flipsideThe B-side of a phonograph record.Rate it:
float aroundUsed other than as an idiom: see float, around.Rate it:
float aroundTo be nearby or available.Rate it:
float like a butterflyTo move effortlessly and in an agile fashion.Rate it:
float someone's boatTo interest or appeal to someone; to make someone happy.Rate it:
flog a dead horseTo attempt to get extra work out of a ship's crew during the dead horse period.Rate it:
flog a dead horseTo attempt to get more out of something that cannot give more.Rate it:
flog the dolphinmasturbate (male)Rate it:
flog the logTo masturbate.Rate it:
flogging the landDamaging agricultural land through excessive grazing or clearing.Rate it:
floor itTo depress the accelerator to the maximum extent.Rate it:
floor itto move (run, ride etc.) at full speedRate it:
floppy infant syndromehypotoniaRate it:
flowerTypically including sepals, petals, stamens, and ovaries; often conspicuously colourful.Rate it:
flowerA plant that bears flowers.Rate it:
flowerAn inflorescence that resembles a flower, but actually contains many small florets, such as a sunflower.Rate it:
flowerOf plants, a state of bearing blooms.Rate it:
flowerThe best examples or representatives of a group.Rate it:
flowerThe best state of things; the prime.Rate it:
flowerThe vulva, especially the labia majora.Rate it:
flower power60s youth movementRate it:
fluff upTo make a gaffe or blunder.Rate it:
fluff upTo plump up.Rate it:
flunk outOften requiring a retaking of the course or academic year.Rate it:
flutter in the dovecoteA disturbance, usually one caused within a prescribed group of people.Rate it:
flutter in the dovecoteI further argued that the principal cause for the political deadlock that persisted for thirty years after the guns fell silent was Israeli intransigence rather than Arab intransigence. The appearance of the first wave of revisionist studies excited a great deal of interest and controversy in the media and more than a flutter in the academic dovecote. — Israel Confronts Its Past.Rate it:
fly by the seat of one's pantsTo pilot an aircraft without the aid of instruments and without a flight plan, using only instinct, visual observation, and practical judgment.Rate it:
fly by the seat of one's pantsTo use one's judgment, initiative, and perceptions as events unfold in order to improvise a course of action without a predetermined plan.Rate it:
fly in the face ofTo act in a manner highly contrary to; to counteract or contradict.Rate it:
fly in the ointmentSomething which ruins or spoils everything else; a nuisance or problem; an unpleasant or disagreeable detail.Rate it:
fly like a rockto travel through the air with little or no benefit from aerodynamic liftRate it:
fly lowto have one's fly (zipper) undone.Rate it:
fly offto flee rapidly; to run away.Rate it:
fly off the handlegetting angry for a small little thingRate it:
fly off the handleTo become very angry or enraged; to throw a fit or go crazy.Rate it:
fly on the wallA quiet, non-participating, or unseen observer; an eavesdropper or witness.Rate it:
fly out of the trapsto start quickly.Rate it:
fly the coopTo depart hastily or unannounced; to escape or flee.Rate it:
fly the coopTo escape from a pen or similar enclosure.Rate it:
fly the freak flagTo behave in a unconventional or unrestrained manner; to exhibit the uninhibited side of one's personality.Rate it:
fly-by-nightA creatures which flies at night; a nocturnal flier or traveler.Rate it:
fly-by-nightBusinesses that appear and disappear rapidly, or that give an impression of transience.Rate it:
fly-by-nightOne who departs or flees at night in order to avoid creditors, law enforcement etc. .Rate it:
fly-by-nightTraveling businessmen and tradesmen.Rate it:
Flying DutchmanA Dutch-flagged clipper that is very fast sailing, and never makes it to port, seen on the high seas, where upon being hailed, occupants request information on persons long dead, or leave messages for said people. It is considered bad luck to meet said ship.Rate it:
Flying DutchmanA ship of similar qualities to the Flying Dutchman.Rate it:

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