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for old times' sakesAlternative form of for old times' sake.Rate it:
for onceFor the first time, after many instances to the contrary; in a rare exception to the rule; as an exception to the usual.Rate it:
for one's lifeextremely desperatelyRate it:
for one's particularFor one's part; as far as one is concerned.Rate it:
for pete's sakeExpresses frustration, exasperation, annoyance.Rate it:
for pete's sake!The verbal expression to an untoward remark, gesture, action, grimace, gesture, glance: Response to a surprise, a stance, pose, offering, withdrawal, thrust, one's apparel, rejection,Rate it:
for pity's sakefor Pete's sake; An especially mild oathRate it:
for startersas a beginningRate it:
for that matterAs far as that is concerned.Rate it:
for the agesEspecially memorable and noteworthy; deserving to endure for a very long time.Rate it:
for the agesIn a manner that produces long-lasting effects; for posterity; for a very long duration.Rate it:
for the askingWithout making any significant effort; freely; without monetary cost.Rate it:
for the birdsWorthless; pointless; not deserving serious consideration.Rate it:
for the heck of itFor no particular reason, just because it is fun, entertaining; for to relieve boredom.Rate it:
for the hell of itFor no particular reason, just because it is fun, entertaining; for to relieve boredom.Rate it:
for the love ofUsed to form interjections expressing exasperation.Rate it:
for the most partMostly; in general; usually.Rate it:
for the nonceFor the time being, with the expectation that the situation may change.Rate it:
for the recordAlready publicly known.Rate it:
for the recordFor the purpose of being recorded.Rate it:
for the sake of itFor no particular reason, just because it is fun, entertaining; for to relieve boredom.Rate it:
for the time beingTemporarily; until later.Rate it:
for xyz reasonsFor reasons unknown and not worth speculating on.Rate it:
forbidden fruitIllicit pleasure; something that one should not take or get involved with, such as an another person's spouse.Rate it:
forbidden fruitThe fruit forbidden to Adam.Rate it:
forbidden fruit is the sweetestForbidden things have more worthwhile short-term consequences.Rate it:
force feedmake someone eatRate it:
force of habitAn act that has been repeated to the point where the performance of the act becomes automatic.Rate it:
force someone's handBring about a situation which necessitates an agent to act, often causing a plan to be executed prematurely.Rate it:
forever and a daywithout ever ending; eternally.Rate it:
forewarned is forearmedAdvance awareness of a situation, especially a risky one, prepares one to deal with it.1863, Charles Reade, Hard Cash, ch. 4:[W]hatever a young gentleman of that age says to you, he says to many other ladies; but your experience is not equal to your sense; so profit by mine . . . forewarned is forearmed.1885, G. A. Henty, Saint George for England, ch. 4:Sometimes, they say, it is wiser to remain in ignorance; at other times forewarned is forearmed.circa 1903, Lucy Maud Montgomery, "Why Mr. Cropper Changed His Mind":"Well, Miss Maxwell, I think it only fair to tell you that you may have trouble with those boys when they do come. Forewarned is forearmed, you know."Rate it:
forewarned, forearmedAlternative form of forewarned is forearmed.Rate it:
forge aheadTo move forward quickly, or to make good progress with (especially a plan)Rate it:
forge aheadpress onRate it:
forget oneselfto lose one's dignity, temper, or self-control.Rate it:
forget oneselfTo become unmindful of one's own personality; to be lost in thought.Rate it:
forget, when up to one's neck in alligators, that the mission is to drain the swampTo lose sight of one's initial objective, becoming caught up in subtasks or in tasks only tangentially/orthogonally related to the initial objective.Rate it:
forgive and forgetAbsolve completely for a past wrongdoing; pardon with neither resentment nor a view to retribution.Rate it:
fork offto diverge into two or more separate paths.Rate it:
fork overHundreds of spectators forked over the 70 bucks for tickets.Rate it:
fork overI forked over half the allotment this morning.Rate it:
fork overTo turn over soil with a gardening fork.Rate it:
forked tongueThe characteristic of deceptiveness; duplicity; untruthfulness.Rate it:
FortnightOilA Specially Refined Lantern-oil for the Switchman's Signal Lanterns used on the Grand Trunk Railroad. 'Topped-Off' Lanterns generally required refilling after a 'fortnight' of duty time. (Conjecture)Rate it:
fortune favors the boldLuck is usually on the side of those who take chances and risks.Rate it:
fortune favors the braveAlternative form of fortune favors the bold.Rate it:
fortune favours the boldAlternative form of fortune favors the bold.Rate it:
fortune favours the braveAlternative form of fortune favors the bold.Rate it:
forty minutes of hellThe NCAA strategy of playing a suffocating full-court press and aggressive offense for the entirety of a game.Rate it:
forty winksSleep, extra sleep, or a nap.Rate it:

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