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elizabeth the firstthe virgin queenRate it:
Elvis has left the buildingA phrase used to announce the end of a show, usually one performed by an Elvis impersonator.Rate it:
ElysianElysium; home of the blessed, after death.Rate it:
ElysianOf or pertaining to Elysian or Elysium, the location.Rate it:
ElysianHappy, blissful, heavenly.Rate it:
Elysian FieldsElysium; home of the blessed, after death.Rate it:
Elysian FieldsA place or state of ideal happiness; paradise.Rate it:
embarrassment of richesAn abundance or overabundance of something; too much of a good thing.Rate it:
emerald greencolourRate it:
emery boardnail fileRate it:
emotional crippleA person who has been rendered indecisive, alienated, uncaring, confused, or helpless in conjunction with experiencing debilitating emotions, such as worry, fear, panic, despair, etc.Rate it:
emperor's new clothesSomething obvious and embarrassing that is politely ignored or that goes unacknowledged.Rate it:
employ a steam engine to crack a nutto do a simple task in an overcomplicated manner.Rate it:
empty promiseA promise that is either not going to be carried out, worthless or meaningless.Rate it:
empty the tankTo make the utmost effort; to contribute to the absolute limit of one's energy and abilities.Rate it:
empty vessels make the most soundnoisy, opinionated people are often stupid.Rate it:
end ofA short form of end of story.Rate it:
end of the lineFinal cessation or discontinuance of a process, institution, or person, especially one which has existed for a considerable period of time; death.Rate it:
end of the lineThe termination point of a railway or similar transportation system.Rate it:
end of the worldAny change that seems catastrophic or devastating.Rate it:
end of the worldEnd of habitability for life on Earth.Rate it:
end of the worldEnd of humanity.Rate it:
end of the worldEnd of the planet Earth.Rate it:
end stateThe specified situation at the successful completion of the final phase of a military operation.Rate it:
end stateUsed other than as an idiom: Any ending state..Rate it:
end upTo conclude, turn out, sometimes unexpectedly.Rate it:
end upTo arrive at a destination, sometimes unexpectedly.Rate it:
end upTo eventually do.Rate it:
enemy combatantUsed other than as an idiom: see enemy, combatant.Rate it:
enemy combatantAny person in an armed conflict who may be properly detained under the laws and customs of war.Rate it:
engine roomA compartment on a ship in which the engine machinery is located.Rate it:
engine roomThe source of power in a team or other group.Rate it:
enlarge upon1. Expend; 2. To make larger; 3. add to; 4. To give greater scope to;Rate it:
enough is as good as a feastJust the right amount is as good as more than enough: there is no value in excess.Rate it:
enough is enoughOne should be satisfied, there should be no moreRate it:
enough to choke a horseAn excessive quantity.Rate it:
enough to make the angels weepSomething so distressing that it causes one to lose hope and faith.Rate it:
enquire afterTo ask about the health of someone.Rate it:
epsom saltshydrated magnesium sulphateRate it:
equal marriageUsed other than as an idiom: see equal, marriage.Rate it:
equal marriageMarriage equality; the acceptance of same-sex as well as heterosexual marriages.Rate it:
err on the side ofTo behave in a manner which favours or which is biassed toward.Rate it:
err on the side of cautionTo act in the least risky manner in a situation where one is uncertain about the consequences.Rate it:
esagerazioneexaggerationRate it:
esagerazionea bit muchRate it:
esagerazioneMore than is reasonable; a bit too much.Rate it:
escape fireA fuel-free safe spot, consisting of burning grass as a method of defense against a forest fire.Rate it:
escape fireAn unconventional or counter intuitive solution to a difficult problem.Rate it:
esprit de corpsA shared spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group, for example of a military unit.Rate it:
estate agentproperty sellerRate it:

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