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e mailelectronic messageRate it:
e pluribus unumA national motto of the United States of America, meaning "From many, one", or "out of many, one", referring to the integration of 13 independent colonies into one country, and that has taken an additional meaning, giving the pluralistic nature of American society from immigration.Rate it:
e thumbA natural skill for tinkering with electronics; or computers.Rate it:
e thumbA person with this skill.Rate it:
each to his ownEveryone is entitled to their own opinion or tastes.My housemate is a strict vegan. I personally could never not eat meat, but each to his own.Rate it:
eager beaverWho is very excited or enthusiastic to begin a task.Rate it:
eagle eyegood eyesightRate it:
eagle eyeSomeone with good eyesightRate it:
eagle eyeA close attention to detail.Rate it:
ear splittingvery loudRate it:
ear to the groundThe practice or characteristic of carefully gathering information; a state or mindset of attentiveness.Rate it:
ear to the groundPursuing the practice or having the characteristic of carefully gathering information; well-informed.Rate it:
ear trumpetold hearing aidRate it:
ear tunnelA part of the ear.Rate it:
ear tunnelA piece of jewelry that fits into a stretched earlobe hole and makes it seem like a peephole and makes it see-through.Rate it:
early bathBeing shown a red card in soccer.Rate it:
early birdA person who wakes early or arrives early, typically before most others.Rate it:
early bird catches the wormAlternative form of early bird gets the worm.Rate it:
early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wiseplatitude from Benjamin Franklin under the pseudonym Poor Richard.Rate it:
earn one's crustTo earn money, to do something as a job.Rate it:
earn one's keepTo perform satisfactory physical labor or to provide other worthy services in return for remuneration, lodging, or other benefits; to support oneself financially.Rate it:
ears are burningBeing the topic of discussion in another place; or sensing that this is happening.Rate it:
easier said than doneEasy to propose, but difficult to accomplish.Rate it:
east angliaenglish regionRate it:
east sussexenglish countyRate it:
easy as ABCExtremely easyRate it:
easy as falling off a logVery easy.Rate it:
easy as pieVery easy.Rate it:
easy come, easy goEasily won and easily lost; usually said when resigned to a loss.Rate it:
easy does itRelax; do something gently, lightly or carefully; slow down; calm down.Rate it:
easy on the eyeAlternative form of easy on the eyes.Rate it:
easy on the eyesAttractive; beautiful.Rate it:
easy pickingsSomething easily acquired or stolenRate it:
easy streetA carefree situation or lifestyle, especially as resulting from possession of wealth.Rate it:
eat crowTo recognize that one has been shown to be mistaken or outdone, especially by admitting that one has made a humiliating error.Rate it:
eat for twoTo be pregnant.Rate it:
eat humble pieTo admit one's faults; to make a humiliating apology.Rate it:
eat like a birdTo eat in small amounts rather than in a single full meal.Rate it:
eat like a horseto consume a large amount of foodRate it:
eat like a pigTo chew noisily, with one's mouth open, or with much greed.Rate it:
eat my shortsAn irreverent rebuke or dismissal.Rate it:
eat one's gunTo commit suicide, especially by use of a firearm discharged into the victim's mouth.Rate it:
eat one's hatUsed in a result clause to express disbelief in the conditional clause proposition.Rate it:
eat one's heart outTo feel overwhelming sorrow, jealousy or longing, to grieve.Rate it:
eat one's own dog foodTo test the beta programs that are in the test phase on one's own computers; to dogfood.Rate it:
eat one's own dog foodTo use or consume the economic goods or services that oneself is producing; to be part of a closed household economy.Rate it:
eat one's WheatiesTo prepare or fortify oneself for an activity requiring exertion.Rate it:
eat one's wordsTo regret or retract what one has said.Rate it:
eat one's youngTo betray a constituent or charge out of self-serving interests or desperation; savaging.Rate it:
eat outTo dine at a restaurant or such public place.Rate it:

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