Found 209 phrases starting with DO:

do aTo emulate the behavior/behaviour that is generally attributed to the individual named.Rate it:
do a bunkTo escape or flee under incriminating circumstances.Rate it:
do a falling leaf maneuverExecute a special maneuver in a small aircraft which mocks a natural phenomenon.Rate it:
do a giga group of people performing the same dance movement to celebrate their success or achievement.Rate it:
do a number onTo damage; to treat harshly; to produce ill effects.Rate it:
do a slow burnTo experience a gradually increasing feeling of anger or frustration.Rate it:
do as i say and not as i doDon't imitate my behavior but obey my instructions.Rate it:
do as I say, not as I doAlternative form of do as I say and not as I do.Rate it:
do away withTo destroy, eliminate, or make an end of.Rate it:
do by halvesTo perform (a task, etc) partially or incompletely; to do (something) inadequately, halfheartedly, or shoddily.Rate it:
do downTo belittle or intimidateRate it:
do drugsTo abuse an illegal drug or drugs, especially as a result of chemical addiction.Rate it:
do forruinRate it:
do forcause the ruin ofRate it:
do inTo kill or end.Rate it:
do it toughTo be in a desperate situation; to struggle.Rate it:
do it yourselfDIYRate it:
do justiceTo really allow to be apprehended in its full scope.Rate it:
do me a lemonExpresses disbelief.Rate it:
do oneTo depart from a place, often with a sense of urgency.Rate it:
do one's bitTo make an individual contribution toward an overall effort.Rate it:
do one's blockTo become enraged.Rate it:
do one's businessto defecate or urinateRate it:
do one's businessTo ruin somebody.Rate it:
do one's damnedestTo do one's utmost; to make every effort or to try every possible approach or way.Rate it:
do one's darnedestTo do one's utmost; to make every effort or to try every possible approach or way.Rate it:
do one's thingTo do what one habitually does.Rate it:
do outto redecorate; to adornRate it:
do right byTo treat, deal with, or act toward (someone) in a morally just, socially honorable fashion.Rate it:
do someone dirtyTo deliberately treat someone in an unfair or harmful manner.Rate it:
do someone proudTo cause someone to feel pride, admiration, or satisfaction.Rate it:
do someone's head inTo frustrate, irritate or disturb someone.Rate it:
do something with mirrorsTo insinuate one has performed a magic or optical trick with the use of hidden mirrors, insinuating trickery and sham.Rate it:
do something with mirrorsTo jokingly pretend that one did something using magic mirrors, that one is a magician; a joking explanation of the fantastic or the unexplained.Rate it:
do the best and live the restFirst do your work with your 100% dont think about the resultRate it:
do the deedTo have sex.Rate it:
do the deedUsed other than as an idiom: to do a given deed.Rate it:
do the hard yardsTo perform a difficult task or tasks.Rate it:
do the honorsAct as a host to guests.Rate it:
do the honorsPerform a duty.Rate it:
do the honoursAct as a host to guests.Rate it:
do the honoursPerform a duty.Rate it:
do the mathYou can do the calculation yourself, with the implication that you don't have to trust someone else's assertions.Rate it:
do the nastyTo engage in sexual intercourse.Rate it:
do the right thingTo do what is ethical or just.Rate it:
do the trickTo work; to be successful; to solve a problem.Rate it:
do unto others as you would have them do unto youOne should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself; an expression of the golden rule.Rate it:
do upTo fasten a piece of clothing.Rate it:
do upTo redecorate a room etc.Rate it:
do wantUsed other than as an idiom: see do, want.Rate it:

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