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DiamondIn Railroad Parlance, the especially designed, critically installed rail-section in place at 'Cross-Over' point. Special Switch-Tower With Special Switch-Point Equipment operated 24/7 by Experts:Rate it:
diamond in the roughA person whose goodness or other positive qualities are hidden by a harsh or unremarkable surface appearance.Rate it:
diamond in the roughAn uncut diamond.Rate it:
diamonds are a girl's best friendA statement that suggests, while love is a luxury, material wealth (particularly jewellery) is more valuable in the long run.Rate it:
dick allNothing at all, or very little.Rate it:
dick milksemenRate it:
dick munchidiot, foolish person.Rate it:
dicky-birdA insignificant sound or thing.Rate it:
dicky-birdEndearing term for a small bird, often used when talking with young children.Rate it:
dictated but not readDictated, as to a secretary or stenographer, but not proofread by the person who dictated the text so annotated.Rate it:
dieFollowed by for. Often expressing wider contextual motivations, though sometimes indicating direct causes.Rate it:
dieFollowed by from. General use, though somewhat more common in medical or scientific contexts.Rate it:
dieFollowed by of. General use.Rate it:
dieFollowed by with. Now rare as indicating direct cause.Rate it:
dieTo stop living; to become dead; to undergo death.Rate it:
die downTo become less virulent.Rate it:
die offTo become extinct (if a group of plants, animals, or people dies off, all of that group dies over a period of time).Rate it:
die on the vineTo fail at an early stage or never come to fruition, typically due to neglect, infeasibility, or lack of resources.Rate it:
die on the vineUsed other than as an idiom: see die, on, the, vine.Rate it:
die outTo become extinct.Rate it:
different as chalk and cheeseTwo things which are superficially alike but very different in substance.Rate it:
dig deepTry especially hard.Rate it:
dig inTo begin eating.Rate it:
dig inTo make a burst of hard work.Rate it:
dig in one's heelsTo act in a determined manner by firmly maintaining one's beliefs, demands, situation, etc. in the face of opposition.Rate it:
dig one's own graveTo behave in a way that is likely to have future negative effects on oneself.Rate it:
dig outTo find, or retrieve something by removing overlying material, or material that hides itRate it:
dig outThis term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.Rate it:
dig outUsed other than as an idiom: see dig, out.Rate it:
dig out of a holeTo save someone or something from trouble.Rate it:
dig upTo discover something by digging; to unearth.Rate it:
dig upTo excavate something.Rate it:
dig up dirtTo examine in order to find negative information for public opinion, usually with the purpose of embarrassing or discrediting a person.Rate it:
dim bulbA person who is slow-witted.Rate it:
dimber damber upright manThe chief of a gang of thieves or gypsies.Rate it:
dime a dozenSo common as to be practically worthless.Rate it:
dime's worthAn insignificant amountRate it:
diminishing returnsA condition in which additional inputs into an organization, project or process produce progressively fewer or lower-quality additional outputs, and may, in extreme cases, cause the total quantity or quality of outputs to decrease.Rate it:
dinner partysocial eventRate it:
dip a toe intoTo enter or get involved in tentatively and for the first time.Rate it:
dip intoUsed other than as an idiom: dip into.Rate it:
dip intoTo spend some of one's savingsRate it:
dip intoTo read parts of something.Rate it:
dip outTo leave a place without telling anyone.Rate it:
diplomatic fluAn illness feigned by one or more government officials or other public figures as an excuse for an absence really based on political reasons.Rate it:
dirt fileA compilation of negative gossip or facts about someone.Rate it:
dirt napA state of permanent rest; the state of death.Rate it:
dirt-poorIn a condition of extreme poverty.Rate it:
dirty copA police officer or prison guard who is corrupt or unethical.Rate it:
dirty laundryA clothes hamper or other container used to place unclean or soiled laundry.Rate it:

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