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double backTo retrace one's steps; to go back where one has already gone.Rate it:
double bassmusical instrumentRate it:
double bookedOf a single resource, reserved for two different users at the same time.Rate it:
double creamdairy productRate it:
double decker busesVehiclesRate it:
double downTo double one's wager.Rate it:
double downTo double or significantly increase a risk, investment, or other commitment.Rate it:
double dutchA date where both man and woman pay for their portion of the bill.Rate it:
double dutchA game of jump rope with two ropes and frequently two jumpers.Rate it:
double dutchA language game akin to pig Latin.Rate it:
double dutchIncomprehensible language.Rate it:
double dutchSex using a condom and the contraceptive pill at the same time.Rate it:
double entendreA phrase that has two meanings, especially where one is innocent and literal, the other risqué, bawdy, or ironic; an innuendo..Rate it:
double entendrePlural form of double entendre.Rate it:
double overTo bend over at the waist.Rate it:
double takerSomething causing someone to do a double takeRate it:
double talkLying, especially in a formal political statement.Rate it:
double talkSpeaking in a mixture of real English and English-sounding gibberish, for humorous effect.Rate it:
double tapA tactical shooting technique of pulling the trigger of a weapon twice in quick succession to deliver two shots to the same target zone.Rate it:
double upTo double the quantity, amount or duration of something.Rate it:
double upTo have a secondary use.Rate it:
double upAfter a fly ball has been caught.Rate it:
double vertical lineUsed other than as an idiom: see double, vertical, line.Rate it:
double vertical lineThe typographical character ‖; a symbol composed of two closely spaced line-height vertical lines.Rate it:
double visiondiplopiaRate it:
double whammya twofold blow or setback; a series of two events that cause adverse effectsRate it:
double-edged swordA benefit that is also a liability, or that carries some significant but non-obvious cost or risk.Rate it:
double-tonguedSaying one thing to one person and something different to another; double talking; deceitful in speech.Rate it:
double-upRequirement to sleep with another individual because of lack of sleeping accomodations.Rate it:
doubting debbiesomeone who always see's the negativeRate it:
douche bagA bag for holding the water or fluid used in vaginal douching.Rate it:
douche bagA worthless person.Rate it:
douche bagAn annoying person; someone blatantly inconsiderate of others.Rate it:
douchebagerryThe act of being aware of oneself behaving innapropriatley and continuing to do so.Rate it:
down and outIn trouble; in a bad time or situation or having very bad luck.Rate it:
down at heelIn poor condition, especially due to having worn heels; worn-out, shabby.Rate it:
down at heelShabbily dressed, slovenly; impoverished.Rate it:
down for the countDecisively beaten; rendered irrelevant for the long term.Rate it:
down in the dumpsSad; lacking engagement or enthusiasm.Rate it:
down in the dumpsAn individual with a mindset or appearance of being dejected, depressed.Rate it:
down in the dumpsdown in the dumps is an emotional state of depression, immobilization, an act of vegetating, regressing.Rate it:
down in the mouthSad or discouraged, especially as indicated by one's facial appearance.Rate it:
down on one's luckUnlucky or undergoing a period of bad luck, especially with respect to financial matters.Rate it:
down patThoroughly practiced, rehearsed, or understood.Rate it:
down the drainWasted, squandered; irretrievable.Rate it:
down the hatchInto the mouth and down the throat, especially with regard to the consumption of a beverage.Rate it:
down the lineFurther along, in terms of time or progress.Rate it:
down the roadFurther along, in terms of time or progress.Rate it:
down the road, not across the streetAlong the radial artery rather than across the wrist from side to side.Rate it:
down the trackFurther along, in terms of time or progress.Rate it:

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