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don't cry over spilt milkIt is no use worrying about unfortunate events which have already happened and which cannot be changed.Rate it:
don't dilly-dally aroundDilly-Dally' Means To approach A Task Or Challenge With An Attitude Of Playfulness, Very Relaxed, Unimportant Viewpoint, 'Whatever? ? ? ?Rate it:
don't dip your pen in company inkAlternative form of you don't dip your pen in company ink.Rate it:
don't drive faster than your guardian angel can flyDriving (a vehicle) very fast is a dangerous act.Rate it:
don't drop the soap(idiomatic) Used as a mockery to someone who is about to be or should be confined in prison.Rate it:
don't get me startedAbout the subject currently being discussed.Rate it:
don't get your shit hot!A Stern, Serious, Unequivocal Warning; . . . . . . . "Don't Get 'Short', 'Testy', 'HOT', 'Angry', 'Impatient, 'Demanding' with ME!Rate it:
don't give me a lot of bull!Don't prevaricate, don't exaggerate, don't fib to me!Rate it:
don't give me any of your guff!Depression Expression; "Don't Give Me Any Of Your Sassy, Back-Talk!"; "Don't 'Sass' ME!" "Don't Talk Back To Your Mother!"Rate it:
don't give up your day jobImplying that they could not earn a living from it without other regular employment.Rate it:
don't go thereDon't start talking about that.Rate it:
don't hold your breathdon't hold your breathRate it:
don't knock yourself outDon't overexert yourself (in doing something that does not require much effort).Rate it:
don't let the bedbugs biteUsed to wish a person a good night's sleep.Rate it:
don't let the door hit you on the way outUsed to indicate that one is glad to see someone leaving.Rate it:
don't look a gift horse in the mouthDo not unappreciatively question a gift or handout too closely.Rate it:
don't look at meA response indicating that one is not willing or able to perform a task.Rate it:
don't make a big production out of this!Over emphasized, blown out of proportion, made it into a big deal, made it appear as a movie!Rate it:
don't put all your eggs in one basketDon't dedicate all your resources into one thing.Rate it:
don't risk it for the biscuitDon't put yourself at risk, it may result in disaster.Rate it:
don't shit in your own nestAlternative term for don't shit where you eatRate it:
don't shit where you eatOne should not cause trouble in a place, group, or situation in which one regularly finds oneself.Rate it:
don't shoot the messengerThe bearer of bad news should not be held accountable for the bad news.Rate it:
don't take any wooden nickelsDo not permit yourself be cheated or duped; do not be naive.Rate it:
don't think twice!In general; A strongly worded. forcefully delivered non-military admonishment to another individual of equal or unequal rank for immediate unquestionable immediate physical action, acceptance of proposal, signature of instant acceptance, 'second the motion'! 'jump the gap', 'sever the line', 'jump overboard'!, "BAIL-OUT!",Rate it:
don't try to teach grandma how to suck eggsDon't presume to give advice to those who are more experienced.Rate it:
don't zig when you should zag, once you find true love.Make the right steps and not the wrong ones when you have someone who loves you and/or you are in a relationship, in order to keep love and not lose it.Rate it:
done a bunkSimple past tense and past participle of do a bunk.Rate it:
done and donea binding agreement, mutually accepted.Rate it:
done and doneDone thoroughly and satisfactorily.Rate it:
done and dustedCompleted thoroughly and satisfactorily.Rate it:
done dealAn agreement that has been finally resolved or decided.Rate it:
donkey jacketthick garmentRate it:
donkey workHard, boring, routine work.Rate it:
donkey's earsA long time.Rate it:
donkey's yearsA long time.Rate it:
doom and gloomFeeling, or acting in a manner consistent with, pessimism and despair.Rate it:
doom and gloomSomething considered indicative of feelings of pessimism and despair.Rate it:
doorprikkenTo expose as false.Rate it:
doorprikkenTo puncture.Rate it:
dope sheetA summary, ordinarily in the form of a document, containing important facts and background information concerning a person, activity, or other subject matter.Rate it:
dope sheetA publication, updated very frequently and used by people who make horse racing wagers, which summarizes information about the horses running in specific races; a publication which provides background information and/or predictions used by people wagering on any sort of competition.Rate it:
dope sheetA summary of the content and technical information for a set of photographs.Rate it:
dope sheetA set of detailed instructions which the designer of an animated film provides to the photographers and editors.Rate it:
dormitive principleWords.Rate it:
dormitive virtueA type of tautology in which an item is being explained in terms of the item itself, only put in different (usually more abstract) words.Rate it:
doss aboutTo shirk one's work or duty.Rate it:
doss aroundTo shirk one's work or duty.Rate it:
doss downTo sleep on someone's sofa or floor because there is no bed spare.Rate it:
dot the i's and cross the t'sTo take care of every detail, even minor ones; To be meticulous or thorough.Rate it:

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