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do upTo fasten a piece of clothing.Rate it:
do upTo redecorate a room etc.Rate it:
do wantUsed other than as an idiom: see do, want.Rate it:
do wantUsed as an expression to indicate one's desire to have something.Rate it:
do well by doing goodTo achieve social acceptance or financial success as a result of behaving in a benevolent or charitable manner.Rate it:
do well for oneselfTo thrive or succeed.Rate it:
do whatAn intensified version of what? or huh?, expressing surprise or lack of comprehensionRate it:
do what%3fAn intensified version of what or huh.Rate it:
do with mirrorsTo perform a magic or optical trick with the use of hidden mirrors, implying trickery and sham.Rate it:
do with mirrorsTo jokingly pretend that one did something using magic mirrors, that one is a magician; a joking explanation of the fantastic or the unexplained.Rate it:
do withoutTo manage despite the lack of something.Rate it:
do-or-dieRequiring a determined or desperate effort to avoid the consequences of failure.Rate it:
doctors make the worst patientsIt's often difficult to advise people on subjects that they are usually experts on.Rate it:
dodge a bulletTo have a narrow escape; to avoid injury or disaster.Rate it:
does a bear defecate in the woods?The answer is clearly, without reservation, true and accurate.Rate it:
does a bear shit in the woodsRhetorical question in response to a question where the answer is an emphatic yes.Rate it:
does macy's tell gimbel's(US, dated, colloquial, rhetorical question) A rhetorical question with the implied answer being that competitors do not share business secrets with one another.Rate it:
does the Pope shit in the woodsRhetorical question in response to a question where the answer is an emphatic yes.Rate it:
doesn't have two nickels to rub togetherReference an individual whom from all evidence and appearances is badly bent and broken relative to personal finances.Rate it:
dog and catA team comprised of one male and one female, who are either working as associates or where one is the second in command to the other.Rate it:
dog and pony showAny presentation or display that is overly contrived or intricate.Rate it:
dog and pony showOriginally, a small, traveling circus featuring animals as entertainment.Rate it:
dog aroundTo follow diligently.Rate it:
dog daysHot weatherRate it:
dog days of summerhot summer day when you just want to sit under a tree and do nothingRate it:
dog eat dogRuthlessly acquisitive or competitive. Describes a business or other set of circumstances where people try to succeed at the expense of other people.Rate it:
dog in a mangerone who denies others what he cannot consume himself: hay in a manger (cattle feeder) cannot be eaten by cows if a (barking) dog is in it - though dogs don't eat hayRate it:
dog in the huntLiterally, ownership of one of several canines participating in the group pursuit of game or fowl.Rate it:
dog in the huntSomething to gain depending on the outcome; a position for which to campaign or cheer..Rate it:
dog in the huntThis is often used erroneously to indicate that one has no stake in the outcome. As such this is a bastardization of two Southern idioms: "no dog in the fight," and "that dog won't hunt." (The latter indicates something is a bad idea or prone to fail.) Use of the phrase "no dog in the hunt" when one wishes to indicate they have no "dog in the fight" will generate funny glances from any Southerners who overhear it.Rate it:
dog itTo underperform; to lag behind; to fail to exert effort.Rate it:
dog my catsUsed as a mild oath, or as an expression of astonishment.Rate it:
dog racismPaying large sum of money for "pedigree dogs", attaching great importance to the breed of a pet.Rate it:
dog's breakfastAn unappealing mixture; a disorderly situation; a mess.Rate it:
dog's chancelittle or not likelihoodRate it:
dog's lifeA life of indolence where the individual may do as he or she pleases, just like a pampered dog.Rate it:
dog's lifeA miserable, unhappy existence.Rate it:
dog-eat-dogHarsh and ruthless.Rate it:
dogsFeet.Rate it:
dogsPlural form of dog.Rate it:
dogsWith the, a greyhound racing event.Rate it:
doing somebody else's laundryShe married someone else.Rate it:
doing the townEngaging in an evening of celebration and reveling with little consideration of expenses.Rate it:
dole outTo distribute in small amounts.Rate it:
don't be chicken!An exhortation to another; Don't be cowardly, afraid to venture forth, gutless, afraid of the strange or unknown!Rate it:
don't be penny wise and pound foolishDon't be careful when it comes to spending small amounts of money, but careless when spending much larger amounts.Don't focus on minutiae and lose sight of the big picture; don't obsess over tiny inconsequential efficiencies while glaring inefficiencies are going on elsewhere.Rate it:
don't call us, we'll call youA stereotypical request from a hiring organisation to a potential candidate, suggesting that the candidate will not be hired.Rate it:
don't count your chickens before they're hatchedYou should not count on something before it happens.Rate it:
don't cross your bridge until you arrive at the river!Your reminder George, was very wise: You advised that I not count my money regarding sale of wheelbarrows until we were down to ten count out of the one hundred previously in the stockroomLRate it:
don't cry over spilled milkAlternative spelling of don't cry over spilt milk.Rate it:

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