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dive inTo start a new endeavor enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.Rate it:
divide and conquerA combination of political, military and economic strategies that aim to gain and maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.(computing) Applied to various algorithms, such as quicksort, that solve a problem by splitting it recursively into smaller problems until all of the remaining problems are trivial.(as imperative, proverb) In order to rule securely, don't allow alliances of your enemies.Rate it:
divvy upTo divide or parcel out.Rate it:
do aTo emulate the behavior/behaviour that is generally attributed to the individual named.Rate it:
do a bunkTo escape or flee under incriminating circumstances.Rate it:
do a falling leaf maneuverExecute a special maneuver in a small aircraft which mocks a natural phenomenon.Rate it:
do a giga group of people performing the same dance movement to celebrate their success or achievement.Rate it:
do a number onTo damage; to treat harshly; to produce ill effects.Rate it:
do a slow burnTo experience a gradually increasing feeling of anger or frustration.Rate it:
do as i say and not as i doDon't imitate my behavior but obey my instructions.Rate it:
do as I say, not as I doAlternative form of do as I say and not as I do.Rate it:
do away withTo destroy, eliminate, or make an end of.Rate it:
do by halvesTo perform (a task, etc) partially or incompletely; to do (something) inadequately, halfheartedly, or shoddily.Rate it:
do downTo belittle or intimidateRate it:
do drugsTo abuse an illegal drug or drugs, especially as a result of chemical addiction.Rate it:
do forruinRate it:
do forcause the ruin ofRate it:
do inTo kill or end.Rate it:
do it toughTo be in a desperate situation; to struggle.Rate it:
do it yourselfDIYRate it:
do justiceTo really allow to be apprehended in its full scope.Rate it:
do me a lemonExpresses disbelief.Rate it:
do oneTo depart from a place, often with a sense of urgency.Rate it:
do one's bitTo make an individual contribution toward an overall effort.Rate it:
do one's blockTo become enraged.Rate it:
do one's businessto defecate or urinateRate it:
do one's businessTo ruin somebody.Rate it:
do one's damnedestTo do one's utmost; to make every effort or to try every possible approach or way.Rate it:
do one's darnedestTo do one's utmost; to make every effort or to try every possible approach or way.Rate it:
do one's thingTo do what one habitually does.Rate it:
do outto redecorate; to adornRate it:
do right byTo treat, deal with, or act toward (someone) in a morally just, socially honorable fashion.Rate it:
do someone dirtyTo deliberately treat someone in an unfair or harmful manner.Rate it:
do someone proudTo cause someone to feel pride, admiration, or satisfaction.Rate it:
do someone's head inTo frustrate, irritate or disturb someone.Rate it:
do something with mirrorsTo insinuate one has performed a magic or optical trick with the use of hidden mirrors, insinuating trickery and sham.Rate it:
do something with mirrorsTo jokingly pretend that one did something using magic mirrors, that one is a magician; a joking explanation of the fantastic or the unexplained.Rate it:
do the best and live the restFirst do your work with your 100% dont think about the resultRate it:
do the deedTo have sex.Rate it:
do the deedUsed other than as an idiom: to do a given deed.Rate it:
do the hard yardsTo perform a difficult task or tasks.Rate it:
do the honorsAct as a host to guests.Rate it:
do the honorsPerform a duty.Rate it:
do the honoursAct as a host to guests.Rate it:
do the honoursPerform a duty.Rate it:
do the mathYou can do the calculation yourself, with the implication that you don't have to trust someone else's assertions.Rate it:
do the nastyTo engage in sexual intercourse.Rate it:
do the right thingTo do what is ethical or just.Rate it:
do the trickTo work; to be successful; to solve a problem.Rate it:
do unto others as you would have them do unto youOne should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself; an expression of the golden rule.Rate it:

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