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deep waterA difficult or embarrassing situation.Rate it:
deep waterWaters suitable for deep-draft ships, especially ocean-going.Rate it:
deep-sixTo get rid of something unwanted.Rate it:
deep-sixTo throw something overboard from a ship.Rate it:
deer in the headlightsA mental state of high arousal caused by anxiety fear, panic, surpriseand/or confusion, or substance abuse. The behavioral signs are like a deer subjected to a car's headlights, such as widely opened eyes and a lack of motor reactions.Rate it:
Delhi bellyDigestive illness or diarrhoea, especially if suffered by a visitor to India.Rate it:
deliver the goodsTo keep one's promises.Rate it:
deliver the message to garcia...grasp the demands and exactions of business life. He learns that the main thing to do is to "deliver the message to Garcia"....Rate it:
deliver the message to garcia...heaves in a deep breath, gathers himself as though he's crossed a continent to deliver the message to Garcia.Rate it:
deliver the message to garciaAlternative form of carry the message to Garcia.Rate it:
deliver the message to garciaProgrammers are consistently dehumanized because so many do indeed deliver the message to Garcia only to be at best ignored.Rate it:
deliver the message to garciaWhat we need is people who get the job done, no matter how. We don't want pickers who'll only learn if we use their preferred learning method. Have you read "A Message to Garcia" ? That's what we need today - young people who can deliver the message to Garcia.Rate it:
den of iniquityA place of immoral behavior, usually of a sexual type.Rate it:
depend onTo be dependent on something or someone for support or help.Rate it:
depression daze - depression daysMy life of 'Depression Daze' during Depression Days; 1929-1939Rate it:
derring dobold actionRate it:
des resdesirable residenceRate it:
desk jockeyOne who spends his or her time seated at a desk; especially one who is more concerned with procedure, paperwork, or administration than with its ultimate goal or practical consequence.Rate it:
desktop publishingDTPRate it:
desperate times call for desperate measuresIn adverse circumstances actions that might have been rejected under other circumstances may become the best choice.Rate it:
desperate times require desperate measuresAlternative form of desperate times call for desperate measures.Rate it:
developmentsA group of building complexes or apartments. Often used for low income housing.Rate it:
developmentsPlural form of development.Rate it:
devil is in the detailsThe specific provisions of, or particular steps for implementing, a general plan, policy, or contract may be complicated, controversial, or unworkable.Rate it:
devil's advocateA canon lawyer appointed by the Church to argue against the canonization of the proposed candidate.Rate it:
devil's advocateOne who debates from a view which they may not actually hold, usually to determine its validity, or simply for the sake of argument.Rate it:
devil's luckastounding good luck.Rate it:
devil's shouldersUsed other than as an idiom: see devil, shoulders.Rate it:
devil's shouldersThe illiac furrows.Rate it:
dexterousSkilful and competent with the handsRate it:
DiamondIn Railroad Parlance, the especially designed, critically installed rail-section in place at 'Cross-Over' point. Special Switch-Tower With Special Switch-Point Equipment operated 24/7 by Experts:Rate it:
diamond in the roughA person whose goodness or other positive qualities are hidden by a harsh or unremarkable surface appearance.Rate it:
diamond in the roughAn uncut diamond.Rate it:
diamonds are a girl's best friendA statement that suggests, while love is a luxury, material wealth (particularly jewellery) is more valuable in the long run.Rate it:
dick allNothing at all, or very little.Rate it:
dick milksemenRate it:
dick munchidiot, foolish person.Rate it:
dicky-birdA insignificant sound or thing.Rate it:
dicky-birdEndearing term for a small bird, often used when talking with young children.Rate it:
dictated but not readDictated, as to a secretary or stenographer, but not proofread by the person who dictated the text so annotated.Rate it:
dieFollowed by for. Often expressing wider contextual motivations, though sometimes indicating direct causes.Rate it:
dieFollowed by from. General use, though somewhat more common in medical or scientific contexts.Rate it:
dieFollowed by of. General use.Rate it:
dieFollowed by with. Now rare as indicating direct cause.Rate it:
dieTo stop living; to become dead; to undergo death.Rate it:
die downTo become less virulent.Rate it:
die offTo become extinct (if a group of plants, animals, or people dies off, all of that group dies over a period of time).Rate it:
die on the vineTo fail at an early stage or never come to fruition, typically due to neglect, infeasibility, or lack of resources.Rate it:
die on the vineUsed other than as an idiom: see die, on, the, vine.Rate it:
die outTo become extinct.Rate it:

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