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dead in the waterNearly dead, doomed.Rate it:
dead lastThe standings, often by a considerable margin to the next-to-last-place finisher or after an exceptionally poor showing or season.Rate it:
dead lossAn absolute or total loss.Rate it:
dead menUsed other than as an idiom: see dead, men.Rate it:
dead menThe ends of reefs left flapping instead of being tucked out of sight when a sail has been furled.Rate it:
dead men tell no talesOnce someone is dead, they can no longer communicate, hence killing someone is the best way to keep him/her quiet.Rate it:
dead of nightMiddle of the night.Rate it:
dead onExactly at.Rate it:
dead onexactly rightRate it:
dead ringerSomeone or something that very closely resembles another; someone or something easily mistaken for another.Rate it:
dead set againstCompletely opposed, with no possibility of a change of mind.Rate it:
dead shotPerfect shooterRate it:
dead to rightsWith sufficient evidence to establish responsibility definitively.Rate it:
dead tree editionPaper version of a publication that can be found online.Rate it:
dead weightThat which is useless or excess; that which slows something down.Rate it:
dead weightWeight that does not move.Rate it:
dead woodDead limbs and branches still attached to a living tree.Rate it:
dead woodPersonnel no longer contributing to an organization.Rate it:
deadbeatOwes money but is unlikely to pay it backRate it:
deadbeat dadA man, especially one who is divorced or estranged from his partner, who fails to provide monetary child support when he is legally required to do so.Rate it:
deader than discoUnquestionably deadRate it:
deader than discoextremely old-fashionedRate it:
deadstick landingWhen a pilot lands a plane after the engine has died; a landing lacking any propulsion control.Rate it:
deadweightA useless, usually encumbering factor.Rate it:
deadweightThe largest weight of cargo a ship is able to carry; i.e, the weight of a ship when fully loaded minus its weight when empty.Rate it:
deaf as a doorpostStone deaf.Rate it:
deaf as a poststone deaf (unable to hear at all)Rate it:
deafening silenceA silence, or a lack of any response, that signifies disapproval or lack of any enthusiasm.Rate it:
deal breakerTo fail.Rate it:
deal withpunishRate it:
death by spellcheckThe problems caused by spellcheckers being incapable of correcting most homophone confusions.Rate it:
death knellA sign or omen foretelling the death or destruction of something.Rate it:
death knellThe tolling of a bell announcing death.Rate it:
death spiralThe downward, corkscrew-motion of a disabled aircraft which is unrecoverably headed for a crash.Rate it:
death spiralA manoeuvre in which a male skater spins in place while holding one hand of his female skating partner as she circles around him with one skate on the ice and one leg extended outward parallel to the ice surface, all the while slowly lowering herself until her back almost touches the ice surface.Rate it:
death spiralThe situation or course of action of one who is on a path toward some sort of inevitable catastrophic failure.Rate it:
death warmed upUsed to describe a person who appears pale or sickly.Rate it:
deathblowA strike or blow that leads to death, especially a coup de grace.Rate it:
deathblowSomething that prevents the completion, or ends the existence of some project etc.Rate it:
debris fieldAny area, non-dependent of locale, space, or contour, that contains the debris of wreckage, impact, sinking, or other material that once constituted a complete object. Debris fields can be found at the site of air crashes, water vessel sinking, explosions of buildings, collapses, and other events that render a whole entity into components, pieces, or other non-whole items.Rate it:
decimal dozenten, a group of tenRate it:
deep downFundamentally; in essence; in reality; really.Rate it:
deep endA situation where expertise or experience is required.Rate it:
deep endThe part of a swimming pool with relatively deep water.Rate it:
deep golden spellTo laugh, to a gag.Rate it:
deep pocketsAn ample supply of money, especially money which one is willing to spend; the possessor of such money.Rate it:
deep sixTo discard, cancel, halt; to completely put an end to something.Rate it:
deep sleepUsed other than as an idiom: see deep, sleep.Rate it:
deep sleepArtificially induced hibernation in humans for the purpose of long distance space travel.Rate it:
deep thinkerA person whose thoughts are profound; an intellectual.Rate it:

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