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dummy runA trial or practice before the real attempt.Rate it:
dummy spitThe act of overreacting (as an adult) to a situation childishly, in an angry or frustrated manner.Rate it:
dummy upTo make a mock-up or prototype version of something, without some or all off its intended functionality.Rate it:
dummy upTo not answer questions.Rate it:
dump onTo dump (finish a relationship with someone)Rate it:
dump one's loadTo ejaculate, cum, inseminate, or defecateRate it:
Dunkirk spiritThe spirit of the British public pulling together to overcome times of adversity.Rate it:
dunnoEquivalent to, eg: "I don't know".Rate it:
dunnoEquivalent to, e.g.: "I don't know".Rate it:
dust bunnyA small clump of dust, fluff, hair, particles of skin, etc. that tends to accumulate indoors in areas that are not regularly dusted, such as under heavy furniture.Rate it:
dust mouseA dust bunny.Rate it:
dust offTo remove dust from something.Rate it:
dust offTo use something after a long time without it.Rate it:
dust off a batterfor a pitcher to throw a pitch at or near the batter, typically to frighten the batter or to have him stand farther away from home plate.Rate it:
dusty millerA formulaic phrase for a miller, related to the dust generated in the milling process.Rate it:
dusty millerOne of several species of plants with leaves of a dusty appearance: Centaurea cineraria, Senecio cineraria, and Lychnis coronaria.Rate it:
Dutch actSuicide.Rate it:
Dutch courageThe courage or bravado induced by alcohol; pot-valiancy.Rate it:
Dutch courageAn alcoholic drink, taken to bolster one's courage.Rate it:
Dutch reckoningA (falsified) bill that is not itemised, and that is unjustifiably high.Rate it:
Dutch reckoninga false or incorrect reckoning of position.Rate it:
Dutch reckoningUsed other than as an idiom. as reckoned by the Dutch: five o'clock by the Dutch reckoning would be five o'clock in the Dutch rather than, e.g., a Canadian time zone; for example, 1 March 1625 in the Dutch reckoning was, in the English reckoning of the time, 19 February 1624(?).Rate it:
dwarf standing on the shoulders of giantsA person who discovers by building on previous discoveries.Rate it:
dye in the woolTo dye woolen fibers before they are spun into thread.Rate it:
dyed in the woolSimple past tense and past participle of dye in the wool.Rate it:
dyed-in-the-woolDyed before being formed into cloth.Rate it:
dyed-in-the-woolFirmly established in a person's beliefs or habits; deeply ingrained in the nature of a person or thing.Rate it:

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