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draw outTo physically extract, as blood from a vein.Rate it:
draw outTo extract, bring out, as concealed information; elicit; educe.Rate it:
draw outTo use means to entice or force to be more open or talkative.Rate it:
draw outTo improve a losing hand to a winning hand by receiving additional cards.Rate it:
draw stumpsTo cease doing something, at least for the day.Rate it:
draw stumpsTo declare an end to the days play, and remove the bails and sometimes the stumps.Rate it:
draw the lineTo set a boundary, rule, or limit, especially on what one will tolerate.Rate it:
draw the short strawTo select the shortest straw or other object while drawing straws.Rate it:
draw upcome to a haltRate it:
drawing cardsomething that grabs attentionRate it:
drawing nearapproachingRate it:
dredge upUsed other than as an idiom: see dredge, up.Rate it:
dredge upTo find by diligent search, especially from unsavory sources.Rate it:
dresschange appearance, clothe, assist one to 'vest', change location of tie, ribbon, lapel, scarf, shawl, belt, etc.Rate it:
dress downTo scold.Rate it:
dress downTo wear casual or informal clothes.Rate it:
dress down1) Wear casual or work clothing, informal clothes: 2) Speak To Someone In a Desultory Tone, A Commanding, Analytical, Superior, Critiquing Manner; . . . . . {Tell Someone 'OFF' }Rate it:
dress downThe heavy criticism, personal attack upon a subaltern by a superior for any infraction, misdemeanor, rule violation, felony et al which leaves the victim shattered:Rate it:
dress to killTo dress up so as to impress others (especially of the opposite sex).Rate it:
dress upTo wear smart clothes for an occasion.Rate it:
dress upTo wear fancy dress or a costume.Rate it:
dress upTo decorate; to prettify.Rate it:
dress upTo present in a favorable light.Rate it:
dressed to killvery fashionableRate it:
dressed to the ninesVery fancily or formally dressed; wearing very showy or splendid clothing.Rate it:
dressing-downA reprimand or rarely, a thrashing.Rate it:
dribs and drabsA series of negligible amounts.Rate it:
drift apartTo lose contact, to lose one's friendship or closeness.Rate it:
drift offTo fall asleep in a gradual manner.Rate it:
drill downTo examine information at another level or in greater detail; especially in a database, to navigate to a more detailed level or record.Rate it:
drill rigUsed other than as an idiom: see drill, rig.Rate it:
drill rigAn oil rig.Rate it:
drilling rigUsed other than as an idiom: see drilling, rig.Rate it:
drilling rigAn oil rig.Rate it:
drink from a firehoseTo take a small amount from an enormous, hard-to-manage quantity.Rate it:
drink offTo drink the entirety of in a short period; originally and especially, in a single gulp.Rate it:
drink upFinish one's drink.Rate it:
drinking ageUsed other than as an idiom: The least age at which one is permitted by law to drink alcoholic beverages.Rate it:
drinking ageA two and an ace as a starting hand in Texas hold 'emRate it:
drinking with the fliesTo drink alcohol aloneRate it:
dripTo fall one drop at a time.Rate it:
dripTo have a superabundance of valuable things. Usually followed by "with".Rate it:
dripTo leak slowly.Rate it:
dripTo put a small amount of a liquid on something, drop by drop.Rate it:
drive awayTo depart by driving a vehicle.Rate it:
drive awayTo force someone or something to leave.Rate it:
drive homeTo push to or into a target.Rate it:
drive homeWith tangible or powerful demonstration.Rate it:
drive offTo force to leave or go away.Rate it:

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