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down the tubesInto a state of collapse or failure.Rate it:
down the wrong alleyWe're not thinking Alike, We're not on the same page;Rate it:
down to a fine artHaving or showing exceptional proficiency.Rate it:
down to the short strokesIn the final steps or decisive phase of an undertaking, especially one which has been lengthy or laborious.Rate it:
down to the wireAt the very end of a process or project, especially one with a fast-approaching deadline.Rate it:
down underIn Australia.Rate it:
down with his apple-cartKnock or throw him down.Rate it:
down-and-outerSomeone who is down and out.Rate it:
down-to-earthPractical; realistic; pragmatic.Rate it:
Downing Streeta street leading off Whitehall in Westminster, London containing the residences of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the ExchequerRate it:
Downing Streetthe British governmentRate it:
doze offTo fall asleep unintentionally.Rate it:
dragTo act or proceed slowly or without enthusiasm; to be reluctant.Rate it:
dragTo move a mouse cursor while holding down a button on the mouse, often to move something on the screen.Rate it:
dragTo move slowly.Rate it:
dragTo pull along a surface or through a medium, sometimes with difficulty.Rate it:
drag kingA female who dresses up in men's clothing, typically for public performance.Rate it:
drag onto last too longRate it:
drag one's feetTo procrastinate, put off; to dawdle, avoid, or make progress slowly and reluctantly.Rate it:
drag outTo extend or lengthen excessively.Rate it:
drag outTo haul or bring out forcefully or as though with force.Rate it:
drag something outDelay a decision by dragging, stretching, extending the conversation by injecting incidentals or humdrum history/misinformation/disproved calculations and extrapolations:Rate it:
drain the main veinTo urinate.Rate it:
drain the swamp when up to one's neck in alligators(idiomatic) When performing a long and complex task, and when you've gotten utterly immersed in secondary and tertiary unexpected tangential subtasks, it's easy to lose sight of the initial objective. This sort of distraction can be particularly problematic if the all-consuming subtask or sub-subtask is not, after all, particularly vital to the original, primary goal, but ends up sucking up time and resources (out of all proportion to its actual importance) only because it seems so urgent.Rate it:
drama queenAny exaggeratedly dramatic person.Rate it:
drama queenWho behaves and speaks in an overly dramatic manner so as to garner attention.Rate it:
draw a bathTo fill a bathtub with water in preparation for taking a bath.Rate it:
draw a blankTo be unable to produce a required piece of information.Rate it:
draw a lineTo delimit a boundary or border.Rate it:
draw a line in the sandTo lay down a challenge; to provide a test of commitment (often one which carries a high risk) to a cause.Rate it:
draw a line in the sandTo create a real or artificial boundary or distinction between (two places, people or things).Rate it:
draw a line in the sandTo indicate the threshold or level above which something will become unacceptable or will provoke a response; to create a boundary and imply or declare that its crossing will provoke a (negative) response.Rate it:
draw awayTo move away.Rate it:
draw backTo retreat from a position.Rate it:
draw backTo move backwards.Rate it:
draw backTo withdraw from an undertaking.Rate it:
draw backTo pull something back or apart.Rate it:
draw downTo lower (curtains)Rate it:
draw downTo get fundingRate it:
draw evenTo attain the same level as a competitor.Rate it:
draw inTo attract (groups of people).Rate it:
draw inTo get someone involved.Rate it:
draw inTo approach.Rate it:
draw offTo remove by using a siphon.Rate it:
draw onTo sketch or mark with pencil, crayon, etc., on a given surface.Rate it:
draw onTo appeal to, make a demand of, rely on; to utilize or make use of, as a source.Rate it:
draw onTo advance, continue; to move or pass slowly or continuously, as under a pulling force.Rate it:
draw onTo approach, come nearer, as evening.Rate it:
draw one's last breathTo die.Rate it:
draw outTo make something last for more time than is necessary; prolong; extend.Rate it:

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