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dab handexpertRate it:
daft as a brushDescribes someone who is known to do and say silly things.Rate it:
daily grindThe difficult, routine, or monotonous tasks of daily work.Rate it:
Damm-Itt!, Darn-Itt!, Gol-Darn-Itt!Adult Exclamations; 'Mouthed', 'Shouted'; 'Whispered', 'Repeated' in Anger, in Pain, In Frustration, In Aggravation:Rate it:
damn by associationDiscredit or condemn a position, person, or thing by attacking those things with which he/she/it is associated.Rate it:
Damn It To Hell!Expletive of Depression DazeRate it:
damn the torpedoesUsed to dismiss the risks of a dangerous action.Rate it:
damn with faint praiseTo provide praise that is so minimal or inconsequential as to actually amount to criticism.Rate it:
damn YankeeUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
damn YankeeA person from the northern United States (a Yankee) who moves to the South to reside there.Rate it:
damned if one does and damned if one doesn'tA dilemma where either choice results in a negative outcome.Rate it:
damp squibA firework that fails to go off, due to wetting.Rate it:
damp squibAnything that doesn’t work properly, or fails to come up to expectations..Rate it:
damson jamfruit preserveRate it:
dance/march to the tune ofGet In Step!, Get With It!, Join The Group!Rate it:
Daniel come to judgementOne who wisely settles a difficult matter.Rate it:
dar brincosTo jump, leap.Rate it:
dark horseA candidate who is nominated unexpectedly, without previously having been discussed or considered as a likely choice.Rate it:
dark horseAn unexpected success.Rate it:
darken a church doorto go to church for a service.Rate it:
darken somebody's doorstepTo enter somebody else's home uninvited.Rate it:
darken someone's doorTo arrive at the entrance of someone's residence or of another building associated with that person, especially as an unwelcome visitor.Rate it:
darn tootinAbsolute, utter, complete, very.Rate it:
darn tootinAbsolutely correct; speaking the truth.Rate it:
darn tootin'Absolutely correct; speaking the truth.Rate it:
darn tootin'Absolute, utter, complete, very.Rate it:
darn tootin'Assuredly, absolutely, utterly, completely.Rate it:
darn tootin'You are absolutely correct.Rate it:
darning needleUsed other than as an idiom: A needle used for darning.Rate it:
darning needleA large needle used for darning.Rate it:
darning needleA damselfly, or a dragonfly that resembles one.Rate it:
darsi da fareget busyRate it:
darsi da fareStart working, usually in opposition to idleness.Rate it:
darsi da fareHave sexRate it:
dash offTo leave a place quickly or briefly.Rate it:
dash offTo write quickly or informally.Rate it:
date with destinyAn inevitable future event or encounter, especially one which is likely to be momentous.Rate it:
Davy Jones's lockerThe bottom of the ocean, especially as the grave for sailors. Also a common saying when something goes overboard and is lost.Rate it:
dawn of a new dayA new beginning; a fresh start; an important, promising turning point.Rate it:
dawn onTo occur to somebody; to be realized.Rate it:
day after dayFor an indefinite number of days.Rate it:
day and ageA time period of years or more.Rate it:
day and nightAll the time; round the clock; unceasingly.Rate it:
day in, day outEvery day; daily; constantly or continuously; especially, of something that has become routine or monotonous.Rate it:
day larkOne who gets up early in the morning or goes to bed early.Rate it:
day nurserycrecheRate it:
day oneThe very beginning.Rate it:
day or nightAt any time; 24/7Rate it:
day outAn excursion, returning home on the same day.Rate it:
day-to-dayOrdinary or mundane.Rate it:

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