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crab mentalityA way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you." The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs in which one tries to escape over the side, but is relentlessly pulled down by the others in the pot.Rate it:
crack a bookTo open up one's books, especially in order to study.Rate it:
crack a cribTo break into a house.Rate it:
crack a fatTo have an erection.Rate it:
crack a smileTo smile, especially while attempting not to.Rate it:
crack a smileTo begin to smile.Rate it:
crack downTo enforce more stringently or more thoroughly.Rate it:
crack down onTo enforce laws or punish more vigilantly.Rate it:
crack of dawnThe first moment of daylight; sunrise.Rate it:
crack onTask.Rate it:
crack throughTo penetrateRate it:
crack throughTo overcome, get byRate it:
crack upTo laugh heartily.Rate it:
crack upTo cause to laugh heartily.Rate it:
crack upTo become insane; to suffer a mental breakdown.Rate it:
crack-upAircraft crash, crash landing,Rate it:
crack-upOne can 'crack-up' emotionally with laughter or tears as a result of an observation, a joke, a story, a scene, a sequence in a movie, opera, stage play or animal, baby or children;s antics:Rate it:
cracked me upTo break ones solemnity, reservedness, seriousness.Rate it:
cracked the whipMy former boss demanded much in the manner of results, production. In addition he worked us long hours without advance notice, without overtime, rather promised US time-off in the future.Rate it:
cradle robberA person who marries or becomes romantically involved with someone who is much younger or who employs or otherwise engages a young person for a purpose inappropriate for his or her age.Rate it:
cradle songlullabyRate it:
cradle-to-graveSpanning an entire lifetime; from birth to death.Rate it:
cramp someone's styleTo restrict someone's free actions, or to give the impression of such.Rate it:
crane flydaddy longlegsRate it:
crank outTo produce in large volumes mechanically or as if by machine.Rate it:
crank upTo start something mechanical, an act that often used to involve cranking.Rate it:
crank upTo increase, as the volume, power or energy of something.Rate it:
crap one's pantsTo defecate into one's pants or other clothing.Rate it:
crap one's pantsTo be extremely frightened.Rate it:
crap outTo break down.Rate it:
crash and burnTo fail utterly.Rate it:
crash courseA quick, intense course of learning, especially one which is informal or hurried.Rate it:
crashpadAny place used for temporary lodging.Rate it:
crashpadIn the aviation industry, used for a place of temporary lodging for airline flight crews.Rate it:
crawl over each otherTo compete with others eagerly or fiercely in pursuit of the same goal(s).Rate it:
crawl withTo include or be covered with swarms or large numbers of (something, especially insects or people); to have in great numbers or multitudes.Rate it:
crazy like a foxBehaving in a foolish, frivolous, or uncomprehending manner as a ruse for concealing clever deeds or deeper intentions.Rate it:
crème de la crèmeBest of the best; something superlative. The very best.Rate it:
crème de la crèmecrème de la crème (the best of something)Rate it:
cream in one's jeansTo ejaculate while wearing one's trousers.Rate it:
cream in one's jeansTo experience an orgasm while clothed; to be thoroughly excited or delighted.Rate it:
cream of the cropThe best or most desirable among some selection.Rate it:
creature comfortAny small item or detail that makes a person comfortable and at home.Rate it:
creature featureA horror film in which one or more monsters plays a prominent role.Rate it:
creep intoTo enter something or somewhere by creeping.Rate it:
creep intoTo enter surreptitiously.Rate it:
creep upTo advance with stealth, unnoticed.Rate it:
crème de la crèmeBest of the best; something that's superlative. The very best.Rate it:
criss-cross applesauceCross-legged.Rate it:
crocodile tearA tear shed insincerely, in a false display of sorrow or some other emotion.Rate it:

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