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coals to newcastleA pointless venture, in the sense of sending something to a place where it's made, or where they already have an abundance.Rate it:
coat of armsheraldic insigniaRate it:
cock a hoopelatedRate it:
cock a snookTo spread one hand, place the thumb on the nose and wriggle some of the fingers as a gesture of disrespect.Rate it:
cock cheesesmegma or dried semen on the glans penis usually underneath the foreskinRate it:
cock of the roostA proud or conceited person.Rate it:
cock of the walkA proud or conceited person.Rate it:
cock of the walkW:The Pogues - w:The Irish Rover.Rate it:
cock on or spot onSomething is perfectRate it:
cock pilotSomeone that is very preoccupied with penises and being sexually penetrated, particularly a gay male bottomRate it:
cock upUnintentionally; to screw up, mess up or f** up.Rate it:
cock-and-bull storyA far-fetched and fanciful story or tale of highly dubious validity.Rate it:
cockney slangLondon slang most common in London, ukRate it:
coffee soup and crackersA Depression Daze midnight treat of crumbled salted soda crackers immersed in a mug of hot coffee, well accented with cream and white sugar.Rate it:
coil upto make, or become, coiledRate it:
coke dickErectile dysfunction caused by cocaine use.Rate it:
coke dickA penis that is flaccid as a result of cocaine-induced erectile dysfunction.Rate it:
cold as a wagon tireDead.Rate it:
cold as a witch's titVery cold.Rate it:
cold as iceVery cold.Rate it:
cold comfortC. 1594, William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew, act 4, sc. 1.Rate it:
cold comfortMuch less reassurance, consolation, aid, or pleasure than one needs or desires.Rate it:
cold fishA heartless individual; a person lacking empathy and emotion.Rate it:
cold hands, warm heartImplies inner beauty; a caring person; warm-heartedRate it:
cold hands, warm heart; dirty feet, no sweetheart!A few old timer's "fun" way to compliment a lady & to find out if she could be courted.Rate it:
cold oneA beer.Rate it:
cold readingThe technique, or an instance, of using likely guesses and assumptions, then narrowing in on any positive responses, in order to give the impression of having information about a person or event.Rate it:
cold readingUsed other than as an idiom: see cold, reading.Rate it:
cold shoulderA deliberate act of disrespect; a slight or snub.Rate it:
cold snapA period of exceptionally cold weather.Rate it:
cold turkeyThe physiological effects of such a withdrawal.Rate it:
cold turkeyThe sudden and complete withdrawal of a dependent substance, especially of a drug.Rate it:
collateral damageA damage to things that are incidental to the intended target. It is frequently used as a military term where non-combatants are accidentally or unintentionally killed or wounded and/or non-combatant property damaged as result of the attack on legitimate enemy targets.Rate it:
collect dustTo remain untouched and unused for a long period of time.Rate it:
collect one's thoughtsTo become mentally composed, especially after being distressed, surprised, or disoriented; to become calm or organized in one's emotional state or thinking, as in preparation for a conversation, speech, decision, etc.Rate it:
colt over the fenceAn illegitimate child.Rate it:
combine harvesterfarm vehicleRate it:
come a cropperTo fall headlong from a horse.Rate it:
come a cropperTo suffer some misfortune; to fail.Rate it:
come a long wayTo make significant progress.Rate it:
come abouthappenRate it:
come aboutTo come to pass; to develop; to occur; to take place; to happen.Rate it:
come aboutTo tack; to change tack; to maneuver the bow of a sailing vessel across the wind so that the wind changes from one side of the vessel to the other; to position a boat with respect to the wind after tacking.Rate it:
come acrossTo give an appearance or impression; to project a certain image.Rate it:
come acrossTo find, usually by accident.Rate it:
come againCould you repeat that? Repeat that please. a polite formula used when one has not heard or understood what has been saidRate it:
come againUsed as a polite farewell to a visitor, inviting a return visit.Rate it:
come alongTo accompany.Rate it:
come alongTo progress; to make progress.Rate it:
come along!Join me, move forward, let's stay together.Rate it:

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