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cabin cruisermotorboat with living accommodationRate it:
cake crumbsCrumbs from a cake.Rate it:
cake crumbsHardly anything.Rate it:
cake walkA type of dance originating in the United States in the 19th century.Rate it:
cake walkFrom the mid 1900s, a game at a fair or party in which people walk around a numbered circle along to music. When the music is stopped, the caller draws a number from a jar and whoever is standing on or closest to that number that number wins a cake.Rate it:
cake walkSomething extremely easy.Rate it:
cakes and aleThe simple material pleasures of life.Rate it:
cakewalkA contest in which cake was offered for the best dancers.Rate it:
cakewalkThe style of music associated with such a contest.Rate it:
cakewalkThe dance, or style of dance associated with such a contest.Rate it:
cakewalkSomething that is easy or simple, or that does not present a great challenge.Rate it:
call 'em as one sees 'emTo candidly and honestly express an opinion or viewpoint.Rate it:
call a spade a spadeTo speak the truth; to say things as they really are.Rate it:
call forthTo induce, inspire.Rate it:
call inTo communicate with a base etc, by telephone.Rate it:
call inTo summon someone, especially for help or advice.Rate it:
call inTo withdraw something from sale or circulation.Rate it:
call it a dayTo cease the activity for the day.Rate it:
call it a dayTo retire.Rate it:
call it a nightTo cease what one has been doing for the night.Rate it:
call it a nightTo go to bed to sleep.Rate it:
call it evenTo declare debts resolved or favors or other exchange equitable.Rate it:
call it quitsTo conclude; to quit or stop an activity.Rate it:
call offTo recall; to cancel or call a halt to.Rate it:
call off the carpetTo get away fromRate it:
call off the dogsDuring a one-sided sports contest, to remove the first-string unit of a team from the game after dominating the opponent.Rate it:
call off the dogsTo ease up on after inflicting great punishment.Rate it:
call onTo visit somebody; to pay a call.Rate it:
call onIn a classroom, to select a student.Rate it:
call onTo request or ask of somebody; to select for a task.Rate it:
call onTo correct; to point out an error or untruth.Rate it:
call outTo specify, especially in detail.Rate it:
call outTo order into service; to summon into service.Rate it:
call outTo yell out; to vocalize audibly; announce.Rate it:
call outTo arrange for a professional to call at your home for some purpose.Rate it:
call outTo challenge.Rate it:
call outYell, Scream, Bellow, or utilize P.A. system or any viable means to summon HELP or summon individuals by name, number I.D. rating, rank, or any viable identifier.Rate it:
call someone's bluffTo take action on the basis that another person is bluffing.Rate it:
call the shotsTo make the decisions;to be in charge;to give orders.Rate it:
call to accountTo challenge or contest; to hold answerable for.Rate it:
call to the barAdmission to practice in the courts.Rate it:
call to the barTo admit (someone) to practice in the courts.Rate it:
call upAn order to report for military service.Rate it:
calling cardA prepaid card or credit card, usually electronically readable, used to pay the charges when making a telephone call.Rate it:
calling cardA small printed card which identifies the bearer, traditionally presented for introduction when making a social visit to a home or when attending a formal social event or business meeting.Rate it:
calling cardAn attribute, object, or behavior which is distinctly characteristic of someone or something.Rate it:
calling cardExcrement, especially of a domestic animal.Rate it:
calls forRequires; needs toRate it:
calm as a millpondVery calm, not choppyRate it:
calm before the stormA period of peace before a disturbance or crisis; an unnatural or false calm before a storm.Rate it:

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