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charmed lifeA life in which one is always lucky and safe from danger.Rate it:
chase a rainbowTo pursue something illusory, impractical, or impossible.Rate it:
chase afterTo chase someone.Rate it:
chase afterTo pursue someone with romantic intentions; to woo.Rate it:
chase backto chase back those sales lost in previous monthsRate it:
chase downTo pursue and apprehend someone.Rate it:
chase downTo investigate the cause of something.Rate it:
chase offto make someone or something go awayRate it:
chase one's tailTo busily try to perform many tasks or to repeatedly revise one's plans, especially with inefficient use of one's time and limited results.Rate it:
chase rainbowsTo pursue unrealistic or fanciful goals.Rate it:
chase tailPartner.Rate it:
chat upIn a friendly, open, or casual manner, sometimes also in a charming or affected manner, usually to curry favor, and sometimes flirtatiously with the intention of establishing a romantic or sexual encounter or relationship with that person.Rate it:
che sara saraUsed to express a personal philosophy of fatalism1892 March 17, Cigarette, Rate it:
che sera seraUsed to express a personal philosophy of fatalism1604, Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus:Why then belike we must sin, / And so consequently die. / Aye, we must die an everlasting death. / What doctrine call you this ? Che, sera, sera: / What will be*, shall be; Divinity adieu. / These Metaphysics of Magicians, / And necromantic books, are heavenly.Rate it:
cheap as chipsVery cheap, not costing much.Rate it:
cheap-arse TuesdayThe day of the week (Tuesday) when establishments such as the cinemas, restaurants, etc, offer some of their goods and services at discounted prices.Rate it:
cheaper by the dozenThings are handled more efficiently as a group, rather than individually.Rate it:
cheat onTo be unfaithful to.Rate it:
cheat sheetA sheet of paper containing notes used to assist on a test.Rate it:
cheat sheetAny summary or quick reference used as a shortcut or reminder, a crib sheet.Rate it:
cheaters never prosperOne does not gain from cheating.Rate it:
check inTo announce or record one's arrival at a hotel, airport etc.Rate it:
check is in the mailA common excuse used by debtors to put off creditors.Rate it:
check offto remove something from a list, by crossing it or otherwiseRate it:
check outTo pay the bill, and record one's departure, as from a hotel.Rate it:
check outTo leave in a hurry.Rate it:
check outTo die.Rate it:
check outTo have one's purchases recorded and bagged at a supermarket, and pay for it.Rate it:
check outTo withdraw an item, as from a library, and have the withdrawal recorded.Rate it:
check outTo examine or inspect; to espy.Rate it:
check outTo obtain computer source code from a repository.Rate it:
check outUsed to draw attention to something and stimulate excitement about it.Rate it:
check throughTo permit someone to continue onward, e.g. through a security checkpoint, after verifying their identity, tickets, etc.Rate it:
check throughTo inspect something, often to try to find errors, problems, etc.Rate it:
check your ego at the door!A direct, crisp, critical rejoinder to another, 'to leave their egoism without the room', {at the door}!Rate it:
checks and balancesA system for multiple parties wherein each has some control over the actions of each of the others.Rate it:
cheek by jowlIn close proximity; crammed uncomfortably close together.Rate it:
cheeky monkeyAn impudent person.Rate it:
cheer onTo cheer and support a team, to barrack, to root for.Rate it:
cheer upTo become happy.Rate it:
cheer upTo make someone happy.Rate it:
cheese downTo coil the tail of a rope on deck so as to present a neat appearance.Rate it:
cheese itA minced oath used as a warning to stop, hide, or flee.Rate it:
cheese offTo annoy.Rate it:
cheesed offAnnoyed, upset, angry.Rate it:
chemical imbalanceUsed other than as an idiom: see chemical, imbalance.Rate it:
chemical imbalanceMental illness.Rate it:
chemically imbalancedUsed other than as an idiom: see chemically, imbalanced.Rate it:
chemically imbalancedMentally ill.Rate it:
cherry pickTo position oneself near the opponent's goal to attempt to receive an errant or intentional pass for an easy score, as in basketball or versions of soccer where offsides are not enforced.Rate it:

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