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caviar to the generalSomething of quality unbefitting those who possess it.Rate it:
cease and desistTo stop and not resume an action.Rate it:
cease and desistA demanding that one "cease and desist from" continuing certain behavior, such as copyright infringement, trademark infringement, slander, or libel.Rate it:
cease firetruceRate it:
cease to beTo die.Rate it:
center fieldA central role in some activity that requires speed.Rate it:
center fieldThe defensive position in the outfield in the middle, typically played by a player that can run fast.Rate it:
center fieldThe part of a baseball field which is beyond the infield and straight ahead left if you stand on home plate and face the pitcher.Rate it:
central dogmaThe principle that genetic information flows from DNA to RNA to protein.Rate it:
central dogmaUsed other than as an idiom: see central, dogma.Rate it:
centre halffootballerRate it:
certificate of heritagehas there been issued a certificate of heritageRate it:
ceterum censeoA formulaic expression used to end a speech by reinforcing one, often unrelated, major view.Rate it:
cha chaballroom danceRate it:
chain reactionA nuclear reaction in which particles produced by the fission of one atom trigger fissions of other atoms.Rate it:
chain reactionA series of events, each one causing the next.Rate it:
chalk offTo record a score or event, as if on a chalkboard.Rate it:
chalk outTo write down using chalkRate it:
chalk outto make (plans); to sketchRate it:
chalk upTo attribute, credit, or blame.Rate it:
chalk up toTo attribute or account for something.Rate it:
chalkfaceA cliff or quarry exposing chalk, e.g. the White Cliffs of Dover.Rate it:
chalkfaceA musical concept or genre in which music is completely improvised and never played twice. Most often mixing elements of hip-hop, metal, punk and avant-garde jazz.Rate it:
champ at the bitTo bite the bit, especially when restless.Rate it:
champ at the bitTo show impatience or frustration when delayed.Rate it:
champagne taste on a beer budgetExpensive wants or preferences which one lacks the finances to fulfill satisfactorily.Rate it:
chance uponto find by chanceRate it:
chance'd be a fine thingGiven to indicate that an aforementioned thing would be desirable but unlikely. Comparable to if I should be so lucky.Rate it:
chances areIt is likely that, it is probable that.Rate it:
change handsTo become the property of someone else; to be bought or sold.Rate it:
change horses in midstreamTo change plans or approaches at an inopportune time, such as when an effort is already underway, generally considered an inadvisable thing to do.Rate it:
change of heartA change of one's opinion, belief or decision.Rate it:
change of lifeMenopause.Rate it:
change of tackThe act of tacking, turning into the wind so the sail moves to the opposite side.Rate it:
change of tackA reversal of an opinion.Rate it:
change one's mindTo convince someone to make a decision differing from what a previous one.Rate it:
change one's mindTo decide differently than one had decided before.Rate it:
change one's tuneTo change one's story.Rate it:
change one's tuneTo reconsider; rethink; to reach a different conclusion.Rate it:
change overto convert to, to make a transition from one system to anotherRate it:
change someone's mindTo convince someone to make a decision differing from what a previous one.Rate it:
change the channelTo redirect someone's attention.Rate it:
character assassinationa malicious verbal assault designed to damage the reputation of a public figureRate it:
charge downTo lose electrical powerRate it:
charge downTo run towards something in an effort to stop it going forward.Rate it:
charge nursehospital employeeRate it:
charge upTo recharge, to give electrical power to something.Rate it:
charge upTo motivate, to instill someone with determination.Rate it:
charity muggerA person employed by a charity, or by an intermediary fundraising agency employed by the charity, who stands in the street and invites passersby to set up standing orders or direct debits to make regular donations to the charity.Rate it:
charley horseA muscle cramp, usually in the thigh or leg.Rate it:

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